Fall 1996 Grant Recipients - (G-L)

Student Name Major Project Title Funds Awarded
Galaviz, C. & Quanquin, N. Biology Isolation and Characterization of the 20HI Gene from Trypanosoma Cruzi $650.00
Gayton, Marie Sarita Sociology & Political Science Affirmative Distraction: Examining College Students' Views of Affirmative Action Policies $330.00
Guzzetta, Jacqueline Social Ecology Psychological & Physiological Impacts of the Workplace $400.00
Horsley, Tracie Anthropology Patients With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Social Support Within the Family and Beyond $336.00
Hung, Trasa Biology Brain Mechanisms in Learning $580.00
Hwee, Judy Psychology & Social Behavior Groups at Work: Social Networks in an Organizational Environment $300.00
Jaffe, D. & Wedge, J. Psychology & Social Behavior Nicotine Replacement Products, Use and Abuse in a College Population $450.00
Janis, Jennifer Environmental Analysis & Design Energy for a Sustainable Future $180.00
Karapetian, Nanette Psychology Speech Perception in Clear and Noise Conditions $225.00
Keledijian, Raquel Chemistry Synthesis of Artificial B-Sheets for Structural Determination by X-Ray Crystallography $200.00
Kothari, Nikhil Information & Computer Science Agent Framework for Mobile Computing $500.00
Kunz, Jeffrey Mathematics Probability and Elevator Operations $125.00
Lee, Steven Social Science Costume Rendering Techniques and Mask Making $400.00
Luu, Judi Economics Little Saigon $250.00