Fall 1996 Grant Recipients - (M-S)

Student Name Major Project Title Funds Awarded
Mack, Grace Social Science Salience of Visual Parts $550.00
Maliki, Charles Biology Sustained Release Amikacin for Treatment of Vascular Graft Infection $250.00
Ngo, Thanh Biology Dimerization Potential of Sterol Regulatory Element Binding Proteins and Related Proteins $450.00
O'Connor, Jenny Biology Preventing Corrosion Using Biofilms $450.00
Patel, Sejal Biology and Chemistry Physical Properties of Insect Cuticular Lipids $355.00
Rao, Sheela Humanities and Biology The Creation of the Italian Personality in Italian Literature and Film of the Fascist and Postwar Period $200.00
Rhoads, Bonita Comparative Literature Imagining the Jew in Renaissance Europe $700.00
Rosa, Melanie Interdisciplinary and Fine Arts The Aesthetics of Traditional Healing: The Use of Visual Symbols by a Traditional Healer $750.00
Ryan, Cristin Chemistry and Biological Sci. Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Polymers: Synthesis and Study of Metal-Organic Coordination $700.00
Schneider, Candace Psychology Lexical and Acoustic Effects in Clear V. Noise Conditions $225.00
Seda, Jennifer Biology Auditory Processing in the Hippocampus $400.00
Seid, Rachel Criminology, Law & Society The Indian Child Welfare Act $250.00
Shiau, Leo Biology A Systematic Comp. of Promoter Strengths in the Yeast K. Lactis $700.00
Short, Luke Chemistry and Biology Improved Line Fitting $225.00
Sobol, Michele Psychology & Social Behavior Spillover from Work to Colleagues & Family: A Study of Air Traffic Controllers $750.00