Fall 1996 Grant Recipients - (T-Z)

Student Name Major Project Title Funds Awarded
Tangvoranuntakul, Pam Biological Sciences Characterization of Cyclin D-Type in Pancreatic Cancer $700.00
Teran, Lorena Psychology & Social Behavior Women, Ethnic Identity, and HIV Risk Behavior $200.00
Tran, Lisa Biological Sciences Optimal Blood Anesthesia for Ventricular Devices $450.00
Tsai, Katherine Biological Sciences Acetylcholinesterase and Axon Growth $400.00
VanArsdall, Greg Psychology & Social Behavior Hardiness as a Variaable Affecting Interpersonal Attraction $250.00
Vassallo, Rosalia Women's Studies/Political Science Prostitution: Rethinking the Role of Labor and the Law $350.00
Villaescusa, Michael Psychology Selection of Allographs and Size Control Modules in the Hierarchical Process of Writing $269.00
Wang, Christopher Physics and Electrical Engineering Modeling of Motors $350.00
Whipple, Angela Psychology & Social Behavior Parental Expectations and Structure Within the Home of Gifted Children $261.22
Winston, Lisa Psychology & Social Behavior Chemical Dependency in Women in the System: A Look Inside Their Past in Order to Understand their Present Situation $100.00
Wolken, Matthew Mechanical Engineering Prediction of Femoral Strength Using Finite Element Modeling: Effect of Element Size $300.00
Zhao, Rui Biology Cell Cycle Regulation of Hyphal Growth in Candida Albicas $550.00