Fall 1997 Grant Recipients - (A-F)





Faculty Supervisor

Project Title

Aldana Daniel Political Science Professor Caesar Sereseres Incorporation of VRNG in Guatemala
Aranke Sarang Biological Sciences Professor Petra Wilder-Smith Effects of Laser Parameters on Microleakage in Dental Restorations
Badzey Robert Physics Professor Jim Rutledge Silicon Microbalances and Liquid 4He Absorption
Beale Keola Biological Sciences Professor W. Edward Robinson, Jr. Sensitivity of Drug-Resistant HIV to Single and Combination Antiviral Agents
Berkheimer Jaime Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Lois Takahashi Beyond Demographics: An Ethnography of Homeless Mothers
Bermudez Nadia Political Science Professor Caesar Sereseres Mexican American Rural Politics
Bui Kim Biochemical Engineering Professor Nancy A. DaSilva Site Specific Integration of Retrotransposon Ty1 in K. lactis
Cannon Erin Psychology Professor Gavin Huntley-Fenner Effects of Magnitude, Ratio, and Delay on Judgements of Numerical Quantity
Carreon Daisy Sociology Professor Sam Gilmore Filipino Art and Its Changing Visuality
Chen Chin-Yu Information & Computer Science Professor Tatsuya Suda FEC for VoD over ATM
Chiem Alan
Applied Ecology Professor Betty H. Olson Expression of Arsenic Resistant Genes in Environmental Bacteria
Cresswell Laura Criminology, Law, & Society Professor John Dombrink The CIA, Contra, Crack Connection
Dang Tran Political Science/Sociology Professor Caesar Sereseres Pan-Ethnic Politics vs. Diasporic Politics: American and Vietnamese American Involvement in U.S. Politics
Dang Uyen Biology/Art History Professor Judy Ho Qing Dynasty Jade Snuff Bottles
Fernandez David Political Science Professor Caesar Sereseres The End of the Cold War & the Rise of International Crime Networks: Middle America Security Vacuum
Flores Nadia Social Science Professor Manuel Garcia y Griego Reciprocity, Solidarity, and Gender on Migration from Mexico to the United States: A Case Study
Flores-Palacio Luz Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Salvatore Maddi Psychosocial Risk Factors in Breast Cancer Incidence
Fu Selena Yue Biological Sciences Professor Francisco J. Ayala Evolution of Human Immunideficiency Virus in Mothers and Vertically Infected Infants