Fall 1997 Grant Recipients - (G-L)





Faculty Supervisor

Project Title                                                                                                             

Gonzalez Adrianna Political Science/English Professor Hector Delgado Mothers of East Los Angeles-Santa Isabel (MELA-SI)
Gray Kelly Social Ecology Professor Wendy Goldberg Parental Involvement in Education and Early Behavioral Indicators of Success
Gronroos Noelle Mathematics Professor Alan Hoffer How Learning Styles and Problem Solving Techniques in Calculus Students Effect Scholastic Performance and Student Satisfaction
Hedayat Anila Political Science/Women's Studies Professor Robyn Wiegman The Role of Discourse in Welfare Policy
Herrera Cynthia Biological Sciences Professor Gale Granger Characterization of Tumor Necrosis Receptor Releasing Enzyme (TRRE)
Hoonanian Mania Criminology, Law, & Society Professor James W. Meeker Time to Go Home: Questioning Juvenile Curfews
Howe Candace Biological Sciences Professor Christine Gall Auditory Cortical Projections to Striatum: Implications for Schizophrenia
Hsu Andy Criminology, Law, & Society Professor Henry Pontell Law In the Information Age
Huang Matthew Applied Ecology Professor Thomas K. Wood Rhizoremediation of Trichloroethylene
Iyer Ranjit Information & Computer Science Professor Tatsuya Suda Unicast Routing for ad-hoc Networks Via Set Graphs
Jaffe David Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Raymond W. Novaco Assault Prevalence of Psychiatric Inpatients: Diagnosis and Acuity as a Determinant
Jones Albert Dance Professor Israel "El" Gabriel Bare Bones Dance Project
King Bryan Biological Sciences Professor John C. Chen The Role of Neutrophils in Platelet Activation in an in vitro Ventricular Assists Device
Klaus Ben Anthropology Professor Robert Garfias Drumming to Ghana
Ko Amy Psychology & Social Behavior/Spanish Professor Chuansheng Chen Clarifying Ambiguous Bilingual Education
Koupai Katherine Women's Studies/English Professor Robyn Wiegman Disrupting Patterns: The Masculinization and Enculterations of Public Space in Skateboarding
Larock Jean Dance/Biological Sciences Professor Janice Plastino Quantifying the Reformer: Measuring Outcomes of the Pilates Method of Exercise
Le Van Psychology Professor Virginia Mann Cross Language Transfer of Phonological Awareness in Spanish and English Bilinguals
Le Dan Biological Sciences Professor Peter Bryant/Professor Harold Biessman Characterization of the "Moose" Transposable Element of the Mosquito A. Gambiae
Li Hsu Biological Sciences Professor Moyra Smith A Search for Mutations in the TSC1 and TSC2 Genes
Liu Emily Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Jennifer Johnson Factors Affecting AIDS-Related Sexual Risk Taking Behavior Among College Students
Lomboy Melody-Lynette Sociology/Art History Professor Judy Treas Pack Rats of the Great Depression: The Impact of Historical Circumstances on Life Styles