Fall 1997 Grant Recipients - (M-S)





Faculty Supervisor

Project Title                                                                                                             

Manetta Lidia Criminology, Law, & Society/Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Joan Petersilia Megan's Law and the Neighbor Next Door
Marwah Rakesh Sociology/Biology Professor Mark I. Langdorf A Retrospective Comparison of Physicians' Assessment of Drug Interactions with a Computerized Database in a University Hospital Emergency Department
McCoy Padraic Criminology, Law, & Society Professor Richard Perry Sovereignty and Tribal Legal Status
Medina Annel Undeclared/Social Science Professor L. Delgado Continuing Labor Conditions of Latinos on Campus
Merkel Sarah English Professor Jane Newman Cleopatra: Breaking Down the Barriers Between Fact and Fiction
Mirzaeian Lovik Biological Sciences Professor Charles E. Ribak Mapping the Seizure Propagation Route, Using c-Fos Protein Following Seizure in Gerbils
Moiceanu Michael Psychology Professor Louis Narens Importance of Eyes in Recognition of Facial Expression
Montooth Kristi Biological Sciences Professor Allen Gibbs 9-Desaturase Expression in Thermally Acclimated D. melanogaster
Munro Eric Biological Sciences Professor Jeffrey D. Gross/Professor Ronald C. Kim Neurohistological Classification of Glial Tumors Using Artificial Intelligence
Navarro Karlene Political Science Professor Joan Bissell Anaheim Acheives
Nejati Ehsanullah Chemistry Professor Ronald A. Sherman Effects of Population Density and Maternal Age on Blow Fly Reproductive Efficiency
Nelson Carrie Biological Sciences/Philosophy Professor Peter Bryant Camguk
Ngo Thanh Biological Sciences Professor Timothy F. Osborne An Inhibitory Role for YY1 in Cholesterol Homeostasis
Ngo An Information & Computer Science Professor Tatsuya Suda Remote Debugger
Nguy Linh Biological Sciences Professor Petra Wilder-Smith Microleakage Comparison in Teeth That Were Conventionally Prepared VS. Teeth That Were Conventionally Prepared Followed by CO2 Laser Modification
Nguyen Scott Biological Sciences Professor Jerry D. Gross Retrospective Case Analysis of the Production of Neurogenic Hypertension
Nguyen Summer Biological Sciences/Philosophy Professor G. Wesley Hatfield Screening and Isolation of DNA Supercoiling Sensitive Promotors in Escherichia coli
Nguyen Catherine Sociology Professor Nancy Naples Media Effects on Vietnamese-American Women
Nguyen Bichngoc Biological Sciences Professor J.L. McGaugh The Impairing Effect of Glucocorticoids on Retrieval…
Nunez Daniel Chemistry Professor Bo Hong Antenna Supramolecules For Light-Energy Conversion
Palacios Aurora Social Sciences Professor Kathy Harris Canul Attractiveness and Adjustment: A Cross-Cultural Look
Panagos Wendy Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Lois Takahashi Coping With HIV From a Woman's Perspective
Patel Moneil Biological Sciences Professor Jerry L. McCullough Investigation of New Polymers for Skin Barrier Protection
Patel Alpa Sociology Professor Francesca Cancian Indian Immigration: 1.5 Generation and Second Generation Identity
Patel Sejal Chemistry/Biological Science Professor Christopher Grayce Molecular Dymnamics Study of Rotational Diffusion of Rod-like Polymers in Solution
Patraporn Rita Political Science/Sociology Professor Carole Jean Uhlaner Re-examining the Model Minority: An Analysis of Asian American Political Participation
Pelayo Maria International Relations/Anthropology Professor Caesar Sereseres Analysis of Fast Track
Pham Huy Biological Sciences Professor Arthur Lander Binding Affinities of Cerebroglycan and Other Glypicans Towards Extracellular Molecules
Pimenta Harold Engineering/Biological Sciences Professor Ricardo Miledi Fractionation of mRNA Using the Preparative Electrophoresis Method
Ralli Sonia Biological Sciences/Chemistry Professor Murray Korc Analysis of the Effects of RAS Antisense Oligonucleotides on Pancreatic Cancer Cell Growth
Ringwald Danielle Drama Professor David McDonald Drama Workshop of Three Original One-Acts
Robinson Kiersten Political Science Professor Claire Jean Kim Just the Facts?: How the American Media Portrayed the Civil Rights Movement
Roper Sarah Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Laura C. Klein/Professor Larry D. Jamner Nicotine and Time Perception
Rudisill Albert Information & Computer Science Professor Tatsuya Suda Agent Groups
Sadac Ann Joyce Women's Studies/Criminology, Law, & Society Professor Robyn Wiegman Renegotiating Spectatorship and the Distribution of Power in the Spectator/Object Choice Paradigm
Shen Calvin ICS/Computer Engineering Professor Tatsuya Suda Petri Net Behavior Modeling for Mobile Agents
Siengsubcharti Rose Applied Ecology Professor Ronald E. Rasmussen Protein Induction by Arsenic Metabolites in Human Lymphoblastoid Cells
Sood Monica Biological Sciences Professor Francisco J. Ayala Genetic Variability at the Dopa Decarboxylase Locus in Geographically Distant Populations
Stehli Annamarie Social Sciences Professor Charles Chubb Recognition of Texture-Defined and Luminance-Defined Letters in Alzheimer's Patients