Fall 1997 Grant Recipients - (T-Z)





Faculty Supervisor

Project Title                                                                                                             

Ta Emily Psychology/Sociology Professor Virginia Mann An Evaluation of the Influence of the First Language On Second Language Acquisition
Tantayanubutr Ben Biological Sciences Professor Tallie Z. Baram The Effects of Hyperthermia on Corticotropin Releasing Hormone (CRM) in the Amygdala
Teoh Pei-Sze Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Laura C. Klein/Professor Larry D. Jamner The Role of Culture in the Development of Type A Behavior
Tran Suzanne Biological Sciences Professor Juan F. Lara Blood Donor Survey and Evaluation of Post Donation Information
Tran Viet Biological Sciences Professor Tallie Z. Baram The Influence of GABA on CRH Gene Expression
Udompanyanan Kavid Biological Sciences Professor Charles Glabe Oxidative Damage in Alzheimer's Disease
Vance Jennifer Chemistry Professor Larry E. Overman A Synthetic Study Toward the Synthesis of Psycholeine
Vega Norma Criminology, Law, & Society Professor John Dombrink Gettoization of Communities
Vidales Guadalupe Psychology & Social Behavior Professor John Dombrink Domestic Violence in Latino Population
Waller Byron Chemical Engineering Professor Thomas K. Wood Rhizoremediation of Soils Contaminated With Solvents
Wu Nga (Emma) Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Karen Rook College Students' Daily Lives
Yoon Young Biological Sciences Professor Petra Wilder-Smith Effects of Coolant Microleakage in Dental Restorations after Drill and Laser Preparations
Zargarian Arthur Psychology Professor Shawn Rosenberg Cognitive Development and Conformity