Fall 1999 Grant Recipients - (A-F)


Student Name


Faculty Mentor

Project Title

Erin Aiello Applied Ecology Professor Sharon Stern Coastal Contamination- Science and Public Perceptions
Lori Anderson Spanish/ English Professor Ivette Hernandez Torres The Feminine Figure in Pedro Paramo
Siavosh Bahrami Information & Computer Science Professor Richard H. Granger Construction of a Robotic Interface Platform for Testing Computational Models of Mammalian Brain Circuits
Maronel Barajas Criminology, Law & Society Professor James W. Meeker Fear of Gang Crime: A Content Analysis of Gang Coverage in Two Metropolitan Newspapers
Jason Bemis Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Salvatore Maddi Alienation, Conformity and Hardiness
Nathan Benedict Physics Professor Michael Dennin Langmuir Monolayer Studies of Membrane Proteins
Zahira Bhatia Sociology/ Economics Professor Matt Huffman How Is The Social Institution of The Family Integrated With The Bureaucratic Structure of The Work Place
Nicole Breznock Environmental Analysis & Design/ Criminology, Law Professor Elaine Vaughan Environmental Justice and Risk Perception Across Divers
Kirsten Cappel Social Ecology Professor Joe Dimento A Case Study on the Kyoto Protocol: Strategies for the Future
Wendy Cha English/ Art History Professor Ann Jessie VanSant When Word Becomes Flesh: The Politics of Language Adoption
Heather Chagnon History Professor Alice Fahs Mothers, Daughters and the Immigrant Experience: Jewish and Italian Women On the Lower East Side of New York City, 1880-1920
William Charette Jr. Chemistry/ Biological Sciences Professor Reginald Penner Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes Using Nickel Nanoparticles as Catalysts
Emily Chiang Economics/ International Studies Professor Gary Richardson Chinese Immigration to the United States: 1840-1900
Richard Chou Biological Sciences Professor Vince Caiozzo The Effects of Bone-Lengthening by Distraction on the Rat Gastrocnemius Muscle
David Cuccia Physics Professor Bruce J. Tromberg Near Infrared Imaging System for Assessing the Position of Central-Line Catheter and Endotracheal Tube in Neonates
Quang Dang Physics/ Biological Sciences Professor Sabee Molloi Out-of-Plane Calculation for Videodensitometric Coronary Artery Cross-Sectional Area Measurement
Anna Jane Eliseo Biological Sciences Professor Jerry L. McCullough Topical Bactericides: Wetting Agents
Eugene Eustaquio Economics/ International Studies Professor Sanjoy Mazumdar Instant Messaging As An Organizational Tool
Erick Ferran Biological Sciences/ Criminology, Law & Society Professor Andrea Tenner Investigating the Role of Complement Activation in the Pathogenesis of Alzheimer's Disease
Jenifer Foote Dance/ Drama Professors Cliff Faulkner and Myrona DeLaney  AIDS Benefit