Fall 1999 Grant Recipients - (M-S)


Student Name Major Faculty Mentor Project Title
Gopi Manthripragada Biology Professor Vickie LaMorte (Ennis) Characterization of the Potential Interaction Between PML and SREBP
Kirsten Meyer Criminology Professor Richard Perry Federal Blood Quantum Laws, Tribal Sovereignty, and Individual Rights
Erene Mina Biological Sciences Professor Tallie Z. Baram Effects of Febrile Seizures on Cell Proliferation in the Immature Rat Hippocampus
Priya Mukhopadhyay Applied Ecology Professor Katumi Sumikawa Isolation and Characterization of Genes Induced in Rat Brain by Beta Amyloid
Nader Nassif Physics Professor Johannes F. de Boer Imaging of Cornea and Retina Using Polarization Sensitive Optical Coherence Tomography
Vinh Nguyen Biological Sciences Professor Diane K. O' Dowd Development of Culture System for Characterization of Electrophysiological Properties of Mushroom Body Neurons
Dung Nguyen Chemistry Professor Pat Farmer Catalytic Dehalogenation
Keiichiro Ono Information & Computer Science Professor Hartmut Luecke Identifying Merohedral Twinning in The Protein Data Bank
Kirk Pak Biological Sciences Professor Sue P. Duckles Effect of Gonadal Steroids on Neuronal Nitric Oxide Synthase (nNOS)
Arnold Pang Biological Science Professor Mariannne E. Cinat The Role of Apoptosis in the Immune System Following Trauma
Anastasia Paveloff English/ Classical Civilization Professor Victoria A. Silver The Tradition of Erotic Poetry and Persuasion
Maria Pelayo Anthropology/ International Studies Professor Leo R. Chavez Latina Women and AIDS Prevention
Evelyn Perez Social Science Professor Caesar D. Sereseres The Street Vendors of Santa Ana: The Economics and Politics of an Immigrant Informal Economy
Nhaman Phan Political Science Professor Carol Jean Uhlaner Ethnicity: A Basis For Mobilization
Marie Phipps English Professor Julia R. Lupton Service-Learning in the Humanities: A Comparative Case Study
Daniel Ramirez Sociology Professor Raul Fernandez Latin Pop Music and Social Consciousness
Maria Rendon Sociology Professor Caesar Sereseres Bureaucratic Response to Changing Demographics
Monica Rhee Applied Ecology/ Environmental Analysis & Design Professor Sunny Jiang The Prevalence and Diversity of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria in Upper Newport Bay
Shelly Riddle Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Wendy Goldberg The Relationship Between Division of Labor Expectations and Divorce
Nancy Rodriguez Psychology/ Sociology Professor Elaine Vaughan Misconceptions of HIV/AIDS Risk Transmission: Gender, Culture and Power
Chad Seeraty Information & Computer Science Professor Wanda Pratt Computer-Based Patient Record: Effects on Physician-Patient Interaction
Amanda Self Criminology, Law & Society Professor John Dombrink Responding To Columbine: Examining The Development of School Violence Prevention Programs
Jennette Silao Biological Sciences Professor Sheri Stern A Dental Health Promotion For the Children of Medioqueso
Heather Smith Political Science Professor Mark Petracca International Extradition: A Case Study in the U.S. and Mexico
Edward Stecker Information & Computer Science Professor Tatsuya Suda Multimedia Over High Speed Networks: Coexistence with Data Streams
Jennifer Su Sociology Professor Samuel Gilmore The Maintenance of Professional Self-Conception As An Artist Under Highly Structured Authoritarian Working Conditions