Fall 1998 Grant Recipients - (A-F)


Student Name
Faculty Mentor
Project Title
Grant Alexander Political Science Professor Wayne Sandholtz The Effects of European Economic Integration on Police Cooperation Policy
Dawn Alley Psychology Professor Gavin Huntley-Fenner Looking Time Measures of Surprise in Adults and Infants
Rasheed Baqai Information & Computer Science Professor John L. King Comparative Analysis of Hospital Information Systems
Megan Beghtol Psychology & Social Behavior/Drama Professor Kenneth Chew Gaming Cycles and Suicide
Hila Ben-Horin Applied Ecology Professor Jonathon Ericson Effects of Heating on Lead Leaching from Mexican Lead-Glazed Ceramics
Natalie Boghosian Biological Sciences Professor Petra Wilder-Smith Weight as the Predictor of Oral Cancer Development and Progression
Linden Bolisay Biological Sciences/Chemical Engineering Professor Nancy DaSilva Determination of Recombinant LiP Expression
Erika Brauch Criminology, Law & Society Professor Joan Petersilia Victims with Disabilities in the Justice System
Brian Brusca Chemical Engineering/Chemistry Professor Martha Mecartney Fracture Characteristics of Sinter Forged 8Y-CSZ (8 mol% yttria cubic stabilized zirconia) with Intergranular Phase Additions
Quoc-Chuong Bui Chemistry/Biological Sciences Professor James Nowick Synthesis of Artificial -Sheet
Daisy Carreon Sociology Professor Kristen Day Integrating Cultural Heritage into Environments for People with Dementia: Incorporating Non-Institutional Image
Henry Chan Social Science Professor Michael Scavio A Comparative Study Between Islam, Christianity and Judaism: How Each Religion Influences Health Practices
DeMichael Chung Chemistry Professor James Nowick Synthesis of -Strand Mimics
Joseph Chung Economics Professor Agnes Henschen-Edman The Species Nature of Hinny Fibrinogen
Alan Dakak Biological Sciences/Psychology Professor Frank La Ferla Effect of Beta-amyloid Peptide on Skeletal Muscle Degeneration
Minh Tram Dao Psychology & Social Behavior/
Criminology, Law & Society
Professor Carol Whalen Smoking as a Predictor of Stress and Health Behavior
Xavier Dao Biological Sciences Professor Brian Wong Diffusion During Laser Irradiation of Cartilage
Sabrina Dayala Biological Sciences Professor Ricardo Miledi Expression of GABA p1 Receptor in Pichia pastoris
Vy Do Psychology Professor Barbara Dosher The Effect of Shyness on Source Memory
Michael Dorwart Biological Sciences Professor Hartmut (Hudel) Luecke Phospholipid Binding Studies of Annexin XII's Domains
Davianne Duarte Chemical Engineering Professor Martha Mecartney Analyzation of the Structure of Seashells
Jeffrey Ehmsen Biological Sciences/Chemistry Professor Robert K. Moyzis Characterization of the Structure & Function of a Gene on 4q
Naglaa El-Abbadi Biological Sciences Professor Ralph Purdy Cyclooxygenase Mechanisms in Norepinephrine-induced Contraction of the Carotid Artery
Aaron Fay Biological Sciences/Chemistry Professor Jerry Manning Interactions of Proteins Comprising the Paraflagellar Rod of Trypanosoma cruzi
Molly Fisher Studio Art/Biological Sciences Professor J. Rudy Vega Detailed/Simplified
Kiem Flint Anthropology Professor Bill Maurer Rocky Horror Picture Show-An American Subculture