Fall 1998 Grant Recipients - (G-L)


Student Name
Faculty Mentor
Project Title
Anne Gaw Information & Computer Science Professor Michael J. Pazzani A Talking News Agent for the Visually Impaired
Mary Gillis English Professor John Hollowell On Fitzgerald's Women
Shanon Gonzalez Sociology Professor Caesar Sereseres A Case Studey of UCI to Determine Factors that Influence Latinos' Perceptions of Attending Graduate School
Lisa Gustafson Art History Professor Margaret Miles Sizing Up the Athenian Horse: Artistic Convention on the Parthenon
Melia Heredea Psychology Professor Virginia Mann Processing of Speech Recognition
Irma Hernandez Psychology & Social Behavior/ Criminology, Law & Society Professor John Dombrink & Dr. Juan Francisco Lara The Role of Cultural Norms on UCI Chicana/Latina Sexual & Contraceptive Behavior
Melissa Honrado Biological Sciences/Women's Studies Professor Nancy Naples Critical Reflection on the Pilipina American Experience of Identity
Tara Hooker Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Ellen Greenberger The Role of "Very Important" Nonparental Adults in the Lives of At-Risk Adolescents
Kelly Hughes Psychology Professor Mary-Louise Kean Influences of a Physical, Three-dimensional Model of the Vandenberg Task on Gender Differences in Mental Rotation
Thanh Huynh Biological Sciences Professor John Chen Classical Pathway of Complement Activation During Ventricular Assist
Sukon Ip Chemical Engineering Professor Steven George Permeability Coefficient of NO in a Monolayer of Bronchial & Alveolar Epithelial Cells
Anisa Kassim Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Dan Stokols The Walking Club
Gabriel Katz Biological Sciences Professor Donald Forthal Monocyte-Induced Apoptosis of Uninfected CD4 Cells in HIV Infections
Rosalyn Kempf Social Science/History Professor Caesar Sereseres The Dynamics of Diversity in California's 46th Congressional District
My Kha Biological Sciences Professor James McGaugh The Role of the Basolateral Amygdala and Its Efferent Pathways in Mediating the Impairing Effects of Glucocorticoids on Memory Retrieval
Najeeb Khan Biological Sciences Professor Tallie Baram The Effects of Exogenous ACTH on Gene Expression in the Infant Rat Brain
Jennifer LaFemina Biological Sciences Professors Edward DeMet & Aleksandra Chicz-DeMet The Effects of Low-Intensity Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) on Immune System and on Melatonin Production
Roger Lannon Chemistry Professor Scott Rychnovsky 3,5-Dihydro-4H-Dinaphth [2,1-c':2'-e]azepine and Analogs as Chiral Bases
Catherine Le Mechanical Engineering Professor Derek Dunn-Rankin Temperature Measurement
Loan Le Political Science/Spanish Professor Manuel Garcia y Griego A Profile of the Latino Electorate in 2010
Vu Le Biological Sciences Professor Ellena Peterson Detection of Chlamydia trachomatis by the Polymerase Chain Reaction
Carrie Lee Political Science/German Professor Russell Dalton German Reunification and European Integration
Jennifer Lee Biological Sciences Professor R. D. Frostig Dynamic Brain Reorganization
Larry Lee Criminology, Law & Society Professor John Dombrink Proposition 5
Hang (Lisa) Ly Studio Art Professor Mara Lonner Jill of All Trades: My Struggle for Art