Fall 1998 Grant Recipients - (M-S)


Student Name
Faculty Mentor
Project Title
Lisa Malone Biological Sciences Professor Allen Gibbs Rate of Urea Uptake and Its Effect on Drosophilia Survival in Normal and Urea Tolerant Flies
Jennifer Manongdo Psychology/Sociology/Social Science Professor Virginia Mann Morphological, Phonological, and Syntactic Ability of Adults with Williams Syndrome
Sean McDermott Chemical Engineering Professor Nancy DaSilva Development and Characterization of Stable Expression Vectors in K. Lactis
Sharla Meeks Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Peter Ditto Motivational Myopia: The Influence of Visceral Factors on Decision Making
Luis Mendez Psychology Professor Caesar Sereseres & Dr. Kathleen Canul Insufficient Statistical Breakdown of Mental Health Care Utilization by Ethnicity
Catherine Mescher Mechanical Engineering Professor James Earthman Energy Dissipation in Dental Implants
Mark Meyer Social Ecology Professor Wendy Goldberg Adolescent Preferences for Parental Involvement
Nicolle Miller Biological Sciences Professor Petra Wilder-Smith A Comparison of Histology and Fluorescence Intensity to Determine the Ability of Laser-Induced Fluorescence to Detect Oral Cancer
Erene Mina Biological Sciences Professor Tallie Baram Genotyping Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone Knockout Mice: A PCR-Based System
LaToya Morgan Political Science Professor Kristen Monroe The Shifting Patterns of the Social Construction of Identity in African American Women
Karlene Marie Navarro Political Science Professor Claire Kim The Politics of Power and Power Perceptions
Jeffrey Nay Chemical Engineering Professor Henry Lee Temperature Varying Hall Effect Measurement for Characterization of Indium Gallium Nitride (InGaN) Thin Films
Samuel Ng Electrical & Computer Engineering Professor Wei Kang Tsai Channel Equalization for the Discrete Multi-tone Modulation Systems
Mary Nguyen Psychology/Biological Sciences Professor Barbara Dosher Gender Differences and the Effects of Video Game Practice on Mental Rotation Tasks
Uyen (Nikki) Nguyen English Professor Lamar Hill The Middle-Class Housewife: the Forgotten Figure of 1950s American Literature
Agnes Nika Biological Sciences/Management Professor Charles Ribak Expression of Fos Protein and mRNA in the CNS Following Interleukin-1-Induced Seizures
Nykya Nixon Psychology Professor Barbara Dosher The Effects of Misinformation in Eyewitness Testimony
Julianne Ohlander Social Ecology Professor Kenneth Chew Birth Order Effects on Victimization of Siblings in Abusive Households
Don Ojoko-Adams Criminology, Law & Society Professor John Dombrink Desistance
Lorena Olivarez Sociology Professor Caesar Sereseres & Dr. Susan Wilbur Accessibility of Advanced Placement Courses
Kyung Sook (Chris) Paik Political Science Professor Claire Kim The Fizzled Fire: What Happened to the Coalitions Created from the LA Riots
Padmini Parthasarathy Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Ross Connor Sexual Knowledge and Practices at UC Irvine
Forest Patton Physics Professor Michael Dennin Langmuir Monolayer Study of Membrane Proteins
Regina Pau Civil Engineering Professor Gerard Pardoen Strength & Stiffness Analysis in Timber Structures
Evelyn Perez Social Science Professor Caesar Sereseres The Street Vendors of Santa Ana: A Case Study in Immigrant Informal Economy and Ethnic Politics
Federico Perez Chemical Engineering Professor Steven George Effect of Inspiratory Flow on the Measurement of the Diffusing Capacity of Nitric Oxide
Julie Pham Political Science Professor Caesar Sereseres Three Generations of Vietnamese-Americans: The Immigrants' Experience From War to Orange County
Katrina Ptucha Psychology & Social Behavior Professor David Dooley The Effects of Introspectiveness on Depression in College Students
Sonia Ralli Biological Sciences/Chemistry Professor Murray Korc Determination of Possible Mutations in TGF-b RI Involved in the TGF-B Signaling Pathway in Pancreatic Cancer Cells
Gina Rappleye Psychology Professor Virginia Mann Phonological Awareness & Short Term Memory: Their Relation to Reading Ability in Adults
Stephen Renard Criminology, Law & Society Professor Henry Pontell Alternative Sanctions and Their Effect on Recidivism
Carlos Rodriguez Social Ecology Professor John Dombrink Latino and Asian Officers in Multicultural Communities
Hector Salas Environmental Analysis & Design Professor Betty Olson The Occurrence of LT IIa Toxin Gene in Small and Large Sewage Treatment Plants
Gabriela Salazar International Studies Professor Mark Petracca Chilean Civic Society Post Pinochet Rule
Oscar Salgado Economics Professor Caesar Sereseres Can a Guerrilla Movement Survive as a Revolutionary Party: The Case of the FMLN in El Salvador 1981-1998
Ankur Shah Biological Sciences Professor Linda Nelson A Neurocorrective Approach to the MMPI-2 Profiles of Patients With Multiple Sclerosis
Priya Shah English/Social Science Professor Robert Folkenflik The World is a Stage: Theatricality, Conventionality, and the Role-Playing of Charlotte Charke
Priya Shah English/Social Science Professor Claire Kim The Search for Post-Colonial Indian Identity in Hindi Films
Sheela Shah Psychology Professor Virginia Mann The Roles of Pronunciation, Word Perception, Working Memory, Letter Knowledge and Home Literacy in Early Reading Ability
Sarah Sheibani Biological Sciences/Social Science Professor Ralph Purdy Simulated Microgravity Induces Differential Responses to Norepinephrine and Serotonin Induced Responses
Inbal Shem-Tov Studio Art Professor Daniel Martinez In Relation
Robert Sherwood Civil Engineering Professor Brett Sanders Geographic Data Acquisition and Hydrodynamic Modeling of Talbert Watershed
Luke Short Biological Sciences/Chemistry Professor Thorsten Benter Time-Resolved Analysis of Human Breath by Resonance Enhanced Multiphoton Ionization Mass Spectrometry
Stephen Sleva Electrical Engineering Professor Richard Nelson Development and Construction of a Thin-Film Stress Measuring Apparatus
Erwin Soto International Studies Professor Caesar Sereseres New Role of the Guatemalan Army
Cheryl Stump Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Kristen Day Integrating Cultural Heritage Into Environments for People with Dementia: Encouraging Reminiscence
JoAnne Sweeny Criminology, Law & Society/Psychology & Social Behavior Professor David Dooley Individualism & Shoplifting