Fall 1999 Grant Recipients - (S-R)


Student Name


Faculty Mentor

Project Title

Sambhav Sachdev Computer Engineering Professor Isaac D. Scherson Resource Management in Distributed Computing Systems
Sheela Shah Psychology Professor Virginia Mann Home Literacy, Interest, and Teaching Methods as Predictors of Reading Ability
Farah Shamszadeh Biological Sciences & Anthropology Professor Hans R. Bode Responses of Hydra to Temperature Gradients
Radhika Sood Biological Sciences Professor Sibylle Reinsch Traditional Medicine Use Among Recent Immigrants from India Residing in Southern California
Margo Suggs Biological Sciences Professor Franz Hoffmann The Shoot Signal in Legume Nitrogen Fixation
Sanjay Swamidass Biological Sciences & Economics Professor George Gutman Codon Pair Bias and Protein Structure in E. coli
Truong Tran Chemical Engineering Professor Richard Nelson Fabrication Methods for Microfluidic Devices
Minh Tran Biological Sciences Professor Julie Patterson Event-related Potential Measures of Memory Function during Acute Alcohol Administration
Phuong Tran Biological Sciences Professor Ann K. Sakai &

Professor Stephen G. Weller

Outcrossing Rates in Schiedea
Douglas Vasquez Drama Professor Keith Fowler Evita
Randall Waldrep Physics Professor Peter Taborek Micromachined Silicon Oscillators for Low Temperature Mass Sensors
Laura Wallis Music Professor Martha Mecartney Physical Properties of Wood and their Affects on Oboe Tone Quality
Zau (Judy) Wei Biological Sciences Professor Jerry E. Manning T Cell Epitope Mapping of the Paraflagellar Rod (PAR) Proteins of Trypanosoma cruzi
Sandra Woffington English Professor Robert Folkenflik Memorials of the Life of Amelia Opie