Spring 2000 Grant Recipients - (A-F)


Student Name


Faculty Mentor

Project Title

Ai-min Au Electrical Engineering Professor Henry P. Lee Low Resistance Ohmic Contact for GaN LEDs by Using ITO and Ni/Au Metal Contacts
Reshmi Basu Biological Sciences Professor Brian J.F. Wong Wavelength Dependent Scattering of Light During Laser Irradiation
Regina Bergquist Biological Sciences/ English Professor J. Lawrence Marsh A Novel Gene Trap Screen Will Allow the Characterization of Gene Function in Drosophila
Kalyani Bhayani Psychology Professor Ece Batchelder Recall Differences Between the Perceived and Observed
Linden Bolisay Chemical Engineering/ Biological Sciences Professor Nancy DaSilva Determination of an Improved Vector for Metabolic Engineering in Yeast
Leila Bozorgnia Biological Sciences Professors Peter Bryant and

Harald Biessmann

Expression of Human Telomerase in Drosophila melanogaster
Cherise Bryant Dance Professor Donald McKayle Alvin Ailey Summer Intensive Workshop
Phong Bui Chemistry Professor Ranjan Gupta Induction of Schwann Cell Apoptosis with Chronic Nerve Injury
Monica Cameron Dance Professor Nancy Ruyter Limón Summer Workshop
Yinhui Carol Chao Electrical Engineering Professor Andrei M. Shkel Light-Wave Micro-Manipulator on a Chip: Design of a Prototype, Fabrication and Characterization
Pruthvi Chaudhari Computer Engineering Professor Guann-pyng Li The Study of Micro-Optical Systems for Biomedical Microchip Applications
Joey Choensookasem Political Science Professor Mark P. Petracca The Impact of Foreign Lobbyists on the State of California
Candace Coffee Dance/ International Studies Professors Deidre Sklar and

Janice Plastino

Jacqueline Cosgrove Political Science Professor Caesar D. Sereseres "Humanitarian Intervention": Can It Build Democracy from the Ashes of Ethnic Conflict?
Amy Cox History Professor Alice Fahs The Importance of Local Leadership to the Woman Suffrage Movement: The Activism of Elizabeth Boynton Harbert 1874-1911
Nathan DeBolt Physics/ Astronomy Professor William W. Heidbrink Plasma Guns for the Colliding Beam Fusion Reactor
Dennis Dierck Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Carol Whalen Predictors of Adolescent Compliance
Kathleen Edens Dance/ English Professor Janice Plastino Dance in Orange County: A Review of the Modern, Classical Ballet and Regional Dance Companies Presented in the Orange County Area
Christopher Evans English/ History Professor Alice Fahs Fitzgerald's American Dream
Steven Taylor Evans Chemical Engineering/ Chemistry Professor Steven C. George Effects of Donor Characteristics on Cell Line Behavior and Morphology in the Wound Healing of the Respiratory Mucosa
Raquel Fernandez Biological Sciences Professor Arthur Grant Tactile and Auditory Perception in People with Epilepsy
Ali Fouladi Biological Sciences Professor Kavita Arora Regulation of DPP Responsive Gene