Spring 2000 Grant Recipients - (G-L)


Student Name

Major Faculty Mentor Project Title
Jonathan Guerin Information & Computer Science Professor Sharad Mehrotra Dimensionality Reduction for Text Searching
Jill Gutierrez Anthropology Professor Caesar D. Sereseres and Dr. Jeanett Castellanos Understanding the Journey of the Cuban Refugees in 1980
Yousuke Hamai Biological Sciences Professor Ralph Bradshaw Characterization of Signaling Mechanisms of Ror2 in PC12 Cells
Jared Hanamaikai Dance Professor Donald McKayle Alvin Ailey Summer Intensive Program
Patricia Hernandez Psychology Professor Larry Jamner Dispositional Depressiveness and Withdrawal Symptoms Associated with Short-Term Smoking Abstinence
Rasha Hindiyeh Biological Sciences Professor Richard A. Hill The Use of Bioerodible Films in Aqueous Drainage Devices
Sarah Houshiar Economics Professor Mark P. Petracca Patent Laws and the Economy
Ming Yu Hsiung Biological Sciences Professor Kyoko Yokomori The Role of X4-4 Protein in the Human SMC Protein Complex
Yung Huang Biological Sciences Professor Petra Wilder-Smith Laser in Supporting Teeth Bleaching
Richard Jonokuchi Biological Sciences Professor Chris Reist Prepulse Inhibition and P50 Suppression in Siblings with Bipolar Disorder
Lisa Julian Chemistry Professor Larry E. Overman Investigations Toward the Total Synthesis of Idiospermuline
Lisa Kunzman Film Studies Professors Stephen Weller and

Ann Sakai

Degree of Dominance at a Locus that Controls Sex Expression in Schiedea salicaria
Yun-Hui Carlene Lai Dance Professor Lisa Naugle Freezing the Motion
Joy Lau Chemical Engineering Professor Steven C. George The Induction of Tetrehydrobiopterin in Human Alveolar Epithelial Cells Under the Influence of Cytokines
Huy Le Computer Engineering Professor Sabee Molloi Prototype for X-Ray Area Beam Equalization Device
Tiffany Le Biological Sciences Professor Bo Hong Metallomacrocyclic Cupramolecular Systems with Polyphosphine Spacers
Kaman Lee Biological Sciences/ Chemistry Professor Michael Leon Phenotype of Active Caspase-3 Expressing Cells in the Olfactory Bulb
Melissa Leuridan Biological Sciences Professor Larry Jamner Investigating Serotonin's Effects on Impulsive Behaviors
Monique Lewis Psychology & Social Behavior/ Social Science Professor Caesar D. Sereseres and Dr. Jeanett Castellanos Assessing Personality Disorders in Blacks: An Investigation of the MMPI
Khiem Luu Biological Sciences Professor Ralph Purdy Microgravity-Induced Vascular Hyporesponsiveness: Role of Arachidonic Acid Pathway