Spring 2000 Grant Recipients - (M-S)


Student Name Major Faculty Mentor Project Title
Geeta Malik English Professor Ketu H. Katrak The Identity of the Indian Woman Poet: A Study of Kamala Das, Chitra Divakaruni, and Eunice de Souza
Ana Melgar Chemical Engineering Professor Ying Chang Electrostatic Adhesion Between Silicone Elastomer and Rigid Surfaces
Kazuhiko Mitsui Chemistry Professor Scott Rychnovsky Segment-Coupling Prins Cyclizations
Kevin Nadal Psychology/ Political Science Professor Caesar D. Sereseres and Dr. Jeanett Castellanos Impacts of Campus Climate on Stress Levels of Ethnic Minority Students
Joshua Neil Mathematics Professor Hong-Kai Zhao Shape Representation and Analysis of Digital Images
Dana Nguyen Political Science Professor Robert M. Uriu The War We Lost: How Losing the Vietnam War Affected the Political Consciousness of Americans and Vietnamese Americans
Natasha Nichols Psychology & Social Behavior/ Criminology, Law & Society Professor Henry Pontell Are Computer Hackers Deviants?
Lisa Nilsen Drama Professor Cliff Faulkner "Amour" An Interactive Performance Theater Dance Piece
John Noh Biological Sciences Professors Ann Sakai and

Stephen Weller

Quantitative Genetics of Sex Allocation in gynodioecious Schiedea salicaria (Caryophyllaceae)
Mukunda Raghavan Criminology, Law & Society Professor Bill Maurer Hindu Nationalism: The Changing Nature of Indian Law and Economy
Melissa Reyes Biological Sciences Professor Ming Tan Gene Expression in the Human Pathogen, Chlamydia
Shelly Riddle Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Wendy A. Goldberg The Relationship Between Division of Labor Expectations and Divorce
Liam Schwartz Political Science Professor Martin Wattenberg Patterns of Youth Voting
Suma Srinath Biological Sciences Professor Sue P. Duckles Collocalization of the Estrogen Receptor a and Endothelial NOS in the Caveolae