Spring 2000 Grant Recipients - (T-Z)


Student Name Major Faculty Mentor Project Title
Shahaab Tehrani Political Science Professor Caesar D. Sereseres The Costs of the War on Drugs
John Tierney Biological Sciences Professor Michael R. Rose Evolution of Late Life Fertility Plateaus in Drosophila
Christopher Tokeshi Political Science Professor Mark P. Petracca A Case Study in Coalition Work: How Anti-Airport Forces Passed Measure F
Gene Tran Biological Sciences/ Chemistry Professor Zhongping Chen Using ODT to Find the Optimal Laser Parameters to Treat Port-Wine Stains
Michelle Tran Chemistry Professor Keith A. Woerpel Understanding the Stereoselectivity of Nucleophile Addition to Tetrahydrofuran Oxonium Ions
Nga Tran Chemistry Professor Fillmore Freeman Condensation Reactions of Thiophene Carboxaldehyde
Patricia Van Buskirk Physics Professor Gary Chanan An Alternative Method for Phasing Segmented Primary Mirrors
Cynthia Vargas Criminology, Law & Society Professor James W. Meeker KIOSK Research Project
Florence Villa Biological Sciences Professor Kavita Arora Phenotypic Characterization of ALP23B, A Novel TGF-Beta Like Ligand
Ruo-yu (Joanne) Wang Applied Ecology Professor Betty H. Olson Determination of the Prevalence of Diarrhoeagenic E.coli Toxin Genes in Waste Lagoons
Shannon Webb Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Linda Levine Effects of Specific Emotions on Memory Content and Accuracy
Seth Williams Dance Professor Donald McKayle The Satyricon: Literacy and Choreographic Discourse
Angela Young Biological Sciences Professor Daniele Piomelli Identification and Characterization of the Anandamide Precursor,

N-Arachidonyl Phosphatidylethanolamine in Brain and Lung Tissues

Rosa Zavala Political Science Professor Caesar D. Sereseres Spanish Perception of Latinos in the United States
Zhuang Zhuang Economics/ Chemistry Professor John DiNardo Do Poor People Pay More for Their Food?