Spring 2001 Grant Recipients - (A-F)


Student Name


Faculty Mentor

Project Title

Cheryl Abad English Professor Ann J. Van Sant The Genre of Satire and its Debate on Homosexuality
Shagufta Ahmed Economics/ Political Science Professor Gary Richardson Banking Panics During the Great Depression
Daniel Alfi Economics Professor Hans Keirstead Spinal Cord Injury Patient Resources
Sushetra Balachandran Biological Sciences Professor Agnes Henschen-Edman The Effects of Oxidative Stress Induced by Chloramine-T on Fibrinogen's Structure and Function
Reema Basu Biological Sciences Professor Harmut "Hudel" Luecke Elucidating the Mechanism of Annexin I Membrane Aggregation
Reshmi Basu Biological Sciences Professor Brian Wong Determination of Temperature and Wavelength Dependent Optical Properties in Cartilage
Jennifer Bencomo Psychology & Social Behavior Dr. Jeanett Castellanos Suicide Survivors-Preferred Coping Resources and Their Efficiency
Andy Bourgeois Biological Sciences Professor Timothy Osborne Effects of CREB/ATF Family of Transcription Factors on the 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl Coenzyme A Reductase Promoter
Rondeep Brar Biological Sciences Professor Lewis Slater Mechanism of Tumor Immunity Induction by VP-16
Lorrel Brown Biological Sciences Professor Leman Yel Effect of Mercury on Apoptosis of Neuronal Cells
Sean Cawelti Drama Professor Cliff Faulkner Exploring Puppets, Masks and Unique Storytelling Techniques in Live Theater
Amine Chahbouni Biological Sciences Professor Hans Keirstead Transplant-Mediated Repair of Multiple Sclerosis-Like Legions Using the MHV Mouse Model
E. Dorothy Chang Art History/ Dance Professor Barbara Plunk Parsons Dance Company Summer Workshop
Thomas Co Aerospace Engineering/ International Studies/ Mechanical Engineering Professor Derek Dunn-Rankin Air/Fuel Mixing Control of Acoustic Emission from a Rijke-Tube Combuster
Juan Cordovez Electrical Engineering Professor Henry P. Lee Acousto Optic Tunable Filter Operated Gain Equalizers
Linh Duong Biological Sciences Professor James Fallon The Temporal Expression of Different Neuronal Markers During in vivo Neurogenesis
Raquel Fernandez Biological Sciences Professor Arthur Grant Tactile Perception in People With Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
Brian Fitzgerald Political Science Professor Mark P. Petracca The Relationship Between State Legislative Term Limits and Political Parties
Adrienne Ford English Professor Alice Fahs The Role of Religion in Slave Nations