Spring 2001 Grant Recipients - (G-L)


Student Name

Major Faculty Mentor Project Title
Philip Garcia Aerospace Engineering/ Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Kenneth Mease A Study of Airplane Wing Design for Specific Characteristics
Karimi Gituma Biological Sciences Professor James Fallon An Analysis of the Relationship Between Period of Growth Factor Infusions and Reduction in Motor Deficits in Damaged Central Nervous Systems
Rafael Gonzales Biological Sciences Professor Hans Keirstead The Role of Cytokine RANTES on Secondary Degeneration in Spinal Cord Injured Mice
Artin Gorjian Neurobiology Professor Hans Keirstead Analysis of Fiber Recovery Based on Graded Contusions to the CNS
Jantje Groot Neurobiology Professor Linda D. Nelson Comparative Neuropsychology Methods to Detect Early Cognitive Decline in Adults with Down Syndrome with Probable Alzheimer Disease
Yousuke Hamai Biological Sciences Professor Ralph Bradshaw Characterization of Signaling Mechanisms of Ror2 in PC12 Cells
Kathi Hamor Biological Sciences Professor Ellena Peterson The Use of Synthetic Linear Peptides Representing the Major Outer Membrane Protein of Chlamydia pnuemoniae in an ELISA as a Diagnostic Test
Jason Hebard Applied Ecology Professor Barbara K. Burgess Azotobacter vinelandii: LM100 Mutant and Wild-Type Analysis of Overexpressed Proteins Via an Oxidative Stress Response Form Deletion of fdxA Gene and Addition of the Superoxide Propagator, Paraquat
Gigi Hoang Criminology, Law & Society Professor Henry N. Pontell Intellectual Property Law: A Case Study on WAREZ Sites
Lindsay Huber Political Science Professor Caesar Sereseres An Evaluation of the Summer Bridge Program at UC Irvine
May Huong Sociology Dr. Tonya Schuster The Self-Rated Health and Wellness Survey, The Rand SF-36, and Network Care Over Time
Sherry Jung Biological Sciences Professor Jerry McCullough Novel Compounds for Skin Penetration Enhancement
Jason Kelly Political Science Professor Mark P. Petracca A Study of Political Power: The Florida Case
Kurt Kikuchi Dance Professor Israel Gabriel Alvin Ailey Summer Intensive 2001
Grace Kim Applied Ecology Professor Edward Wong Treatment of Hemianopia After Stroke (Brain Injury)
John Lauridsen Physics Professor Michael B. Dennin Experimental Study of Shear with Bubble Soap Raft Model
Kaman Lee Biological Sciences/ Chemistry Professor Michael Leon Spatial Coding of cis-and-trans-Isomer Odorants in the Glomerelular Layer of the Rat Olfactory Bulb
Tamara Lee Asian American Studies Professor Kelvin W. Gee Anti Estrogens Interact With GABAa Receptor
Celeste Ruby Lim Biological Sciences/ Chemistry Professor Ralph J. Cicerone Effects of Light and Temperature on Methyl Halide Emissions from Rice
Jamie Lin Biological Sciences Professor Vincent Caiozzo Is Satellite Cell Activation Necessary for Serial Sarcomeregenesis?
Erica Lomeli Social Science Professor Rodolfo Torres Mexican American Teenage Pregnancy High Rates: Reasons/ Solutions
Stacy Lonjers Chemistry Professor Ramesh Arasasingham Digital Learning Tools and Student Achievement