Spring 2001 Grant Recipients - (M-S)


Student Name Major Faculty Mentor Project Title
Celida Miramontes English/ History Professor Alice Fahs The Social Impact of the Los Angeles Repatriation Program on the Mexican Community
Bich-Chau Nguyen Biological Sciences Professor Alvin Glasky Effects of AIT-082 on Gene Expression of Neurotrophic Factors
Gemi Nguyen Biological Sciences Professor James Fallon The Efficacy of Administrations of Transforming Growth Factor Alpha in Inducing Neuronal Recovery at Variable Intervals After Brain Injury
Ha Nguyen International Studies/ Piano Performance Professor Caesar Sereseres Fragmentation of Vietnamese-American Politics in Orange County
Que-Huong Nguyen Biological Sciences Professor Douglas Tobias Ab initio Molecular Dynamics Studies of Halide-Water Clusters
Thuy Nguyen Neurobiology Professor John F. Marshall Localization of Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor in the Ventral Tegmentum Area, Substantia Nigra, and Amygdala Following Repeated Amphetamine and Cocaine Administration
Seak Nip Biological Sciences Professor Anthony James Construction and Screening of cDNA Libraries for Genes Expressed Specifically in Adult Female Mosquito Fat Bodies
Karen O'Bosky Biological Sciences Professor David Fruman The Role of p85a in v-Abl Transformation of B Cells
Cinthia Otero Social Science Professor Caesar Sereseres Hondureņos in Honduras: The Return of a Migrant Community
Basmina Parmakhtiar Biological Sciences Professor Ralph Purdy Effects of Simulated Microgravity on Vasoconstrictive Prostaglandin Production in the Rat Abdominal Aorta
Andrew Phan Biological Sciences Professor Eric Radany The Functional Significance of Domains in the 8-oxo-dGTPase Module of Escherichia Coli
Sara Robinson English Professor Alice Fahs Exploring the Homefront: A Creative Look at the Roles of Women in World War II
Julie Sadoian Drama/

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Dennis Castellano Musical Endeavors: Writing and Producing a CD
Ajna Sharma-Wilson International Studies Professor Caesar Sereseres Cultural Aspects of Conflict: A Comparison of Cyprus and Singapore
Parastou Shilian Biological Sciences Professor Arthur Grant Tactile and Auditory Perception in People with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
Marie-Claire Siddall Chemistry Professor Susan Trumbore Global Climate Change Effects on Carbon-Cycling: Radiocarbon Analysis of Soil Samples from the Alaskan North Slopes
Nisha Singh Political Science Professor Caesar Sereseres Indo-Pak Relations: The Interaction of Nuclear Weapons and Jammu and Kashmir and Hopes for the Future
Donna Sir Biological Sciences Professor Laurence D. Mueller Gene Expression in Population of Drosophila Adapted to Ammonia Stress
Julie Song Sociology/ English Professor Chelsea Starr Contemporary Asian Women in the Media