Spring 2001 Grant Recipients - (T-Z)


Student Name Major Faculty Mentor Project Title
Yvonne Tu Biological Sciences Professor Edward L. Nelson Developing an Anti-Tumor DNA Vaccine With TARC as the Biological Adjurant
Veronica Vargas Biological Sciences Professor Lynn Carpenter Reestablishing Seedlings of Tropical Rainforest Trees: Does Low Light Favor Late Successional Species Over Early Successional Species?
Maggie Walser Chemical Engineering/ Chemistry Professor Ralph J. Cicerone An Investigation into Specific Metabolic Pathways of Methyl Halide Production in Terrestrial Plants
Nancy Wang Economics Professor Michelle Garfinkel The European Monetary Union: Outcome From the Self-Interest Mentality
Clay Wilkinson English/ Mathematics Professor Jane Newman Neitzsche and Nationalist Discourse
Angela Young Biological Sciences Professor Andrea Giuffrida Role of Endogenous Cannabinoids in L-Dopa Associated Dyskinesias