Spring 2002 Grant Recipients - (G-L)


Student Name


Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

John Gaines


Professor Mary-Louise Kean

Linguistic Analysis of Agrammatism

Philip Garcia

Aerospace Engineering

Professor Kenneth Mease

The Design and Flight of an R/C Solar Plane and the Autonomous Flight of an R/C Electric Plane

Oracio Gonzalez

Political Science

Professor Caesar Sereseres

Colonias: A Comparative Analysis of Colonias in Texas and California

Paul Hetman

Chemical Engineering/

Mechanical Engineering

Professor David Van Vranken

The Self Assembly of Visible Objects from Commercially Available Beads

Matthew Hilliard


Professors Ann Pellegrini and Mary Ishii

My Life…At Least Until This Point: Solo Comedy Performance

Joshua Howatt


Professor Mary Ishii

Finding My Voice: A Proposal to Provide Opportunity for Gay Musicians

Liza Joseph

Biological Sciences

Professor Edward Nelson

Evaluation of RMT-1 Expression in Rat Mammary Tumor Cell Lines

Valerio Kalaw

Biological Sciences

Professor Anthony Long

Genetics of Drosophila Male Courtship and Female Sensory Perception

Danielle Kushner

Biological Sciences

Professor Edward Arquilla

A Novel Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) that Measures Insulin Autoantibody (IAA) IgG Subclasses

Duy Le

Biological Sciences

Professor Bogi Anderson

The Identification of the Target Genes of the LIM-Only Protein, LMO-4, in Human Breast Cancer Cells

Wang Ho Lee

Electrical Engineering

Professors John C. LaRue and Richard D. Nelson

Development of a Micro-Inducer

Jennifer Liou

Biological Sciences

Professor Peter Bowler

Lacunae-Created Chemical and Microbial Soil Gradients

Karen Lucero

Psychology & Social Behavior

Dr. Jeanette Castellanos

Latinas in Higher Education: What Are They Doing to Navigate Their Challenges

Nina Ly

Biological Sciences

Professors Donald Forthal and Gary Landucci

Sera from Multiparous Women Contain Antibodies Against Breast Cancer Cells