Spring 2003 Grant Recipients - (A-F)


Student Name


Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Nella Barrera Aerospace Engineering Professor Haris Catrakis Protecting the Earth from Asteroids: Planetary Defense by Airborne Laser Beams
Anne Brashier Drama Professor Lisa Naugle Exploring Connections: Continued Study of Interactive Improvisational Performance
Arwen Brown Chemical Engineering/ Classical Civilization Professor Nancy DaSilva Synthesis and Secretion of Recombinant Lignin Peroxide in the Yeast Kluyveromyces lactis
Evan Brown Materials Science Engineering Professor Reg Penner Polythiophene Nanowires: A New Brand of Nanowiring
Jacqueline Bulaclac Electrical Engineering Professors John LaRue & Richard Nelson Design & Development of Electronics for Sub-micron Fluidic Devices
Chansa Cha Biological Sciences/ Psychology Professor Fillmore Freeman A Computational Study of Conformational Interconversions in Antimalarial Compounds
Angela Chang Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Curt Sandman The Effects of Mother-Child Interaction on Infant's Cognitive Development
Jeff Chen Physics Professor Peter Taborek Optical Detection of Superfluid Helium Drop Oscillations
Marie Chi Information & Computer Science Professor Tatsuya Sudd Automated Inter-Domain Premium Resource Exchange (iREX)
Gregory Chinn Neurobiology Professor Patrick Kesslak The Effect of Intermittent Exercise on BDNF Levels in the Rat Brain
Kent Dang Mathematics/ Studio Art Professor Weian Zheng Mathematical Method in Sample Survey: A Probability and Statistical Approach Towards Getting a Parking Ticket
Melissa Dionisio Biological Sciences Professor Jeremiah Tilles Screening of HIV Long Term Non Progressor and HIV Progressor Specific Peptides and Their Potential as Diagnostic Markers for Disease Progression
Anh-Tuan Do Chemical Engineering/ Materials Science Engineering Professor Martha Mecartney Sol-gel Synthesis of ZrO2 Thin Films to Replace SiO2 in Integrated Circuits
Samuel Duque, Jr. Chemical Engineering Professor Vasan Venugopalan Determination of Optical Properties of Homogeneous and Layered Tissue Phantoms
Adrian Fernandez Biological Sciences Professor Steven George The Effects of Diffusion Limits for Fibroblast Cell Survival on Capillary Tube Formation