Spring 2004 Grant Recipients - (M-S)

Student Name


Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Summer Mastous


Professor Ivan Jeliazkov

An Empirical Research Project of Mroz and Hyslop's Econometric Findings on Female Labor Force Participation

Eva Sofia. Mendoza

Psychology & Social Behavior/ Criminology, Law & Society

Professor Susan Charles

The Influence of Acculturation, Values, and Relationship Power on Latina HIV Prevention Strategies

Jessica S. Morreale

Dance/ English

Professor Janice G. Plastino

Survey of Private Dance Studios and Interviews With Studio Owners in Paris, France

Bridget S. Nestor

Music/ minor in education

Professor Margaret K. Murata

The Trumpet in the 20th Century

Vivian Nguyen


Professor Zhibin Guan

Titin-Mimicking Multi-Domain Polymer Synthesis

Catherine H. Nguyen

Comparative Literature/ European Studies

Professor Philippe A. Barbe

Vietnamese Francophone Literature: A Literary Survey

Michelle S. Palmer

Chemical Engineering

Professor Daniel Mumm

Analysis of the Performance of Novel Truss Lattice Structures II

Beth L. Pineles

Chemistry/ Biological Sciences

Professor Elysia Davis
Professor Curt Sandman

Response of Infants to a Painful Stimulus as a Function of Prior Pain Exposure

Nikhil R. Rao

Biological Sciences

Professor David A. Fruman

Role of PEST sequence in KLF 4

EvaMarie Rodriguez

History/ Art History

Professor Alice Fahs

Baseball Cards: Defining Masculinity, Defining the Consumer

Victoria V. Rojo


Professor David P. Kirkby

Improving Radiation Protection for the BABAR Detector and Analysis of the rho+ and a1+ Particles

Margaret L. Rottman-Hipps


Professor Myrona Delaney

Becoming a Broadway Idol How a Small Town California Girl Can Transform Into a Broadway Star

Ellika Sadr

Biological Sciences/ Psychology and Social Behavior

Professor Hans S. Keirstead

Targeting the Immune System: A Possible Therapy to Spinal Cord Injury

Tiffany M. Sanberg

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Deborah Khoshaba
Professor Salvatore Maddi

Hardiness Training to Improve Self-Esteem and Academic Performance

Anant Sanchetee

International Studies

Professor Paula Garb

Children Stained in the "Red"

Jeffrey A. Sawyer

Electrical Engineering/ Computer Engineering

Professor John C. LaRue
Professor Richard Nelson

Instrumentation and Electronics for MEMS Sensors

Robyn K. Scott

Studio Art

Professor Philip J. Nickel
Professor John G. Stupar

Ethics in Contemporary Art Practices

Shabnam Shenasi Azari

International Studies/ sociology

Professor Lina H. Kreidie

Is Iran Ripe for Democratic Change?

Parvin Shojaeian

Biological Sciences

Professor Michael R. Rose

The Physiology of Late Life in Drosophila melanogaster

Jenny H. Sohn

Comparative Literature/ Classical Civilizations

Professor Susan C. Jarratt

Nineteenth-Century African-Americans in Antiquity