Spring 2005 Grant Recipients - (M-S)

Student Name


Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Autumn Maruniak

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology/ Chemistry

Professor David A. Fruman

KLF4 is a FOXO Target Gene that Suppresses B Cell Activation

Steven D. Meissner


Professor Elizabeth F. Loftus

An Analysis of Underlying Mechanisms Surrounding False Memory Formation with Concurrent Real Memory Suggestion and Imagination Inflation

Natalia M. Milovantseva

Political Science

Professor Caesar D. Sereseres

Nationalist Extremist Movement Trends in Post-Soviet Russia

Jahed Momand

Biological Sciences/ Chemistry, pending fall 2005

Professor Patrick J. Farmer

Nitric Oxide Studies of Myoglobin Mutants

Jim Nguyen

Biological Sciences

Professor John C. Longhurst
Professor Stephanie C. Tjen-A-Looi

Role of Ventral Lateral Periaqueductal Gray and Rostral Ventral Lateral Medulla on Autonomic Nervous System During Electroacupuncture

Thy Nguyen

Linguistics/ Political Science

Professor Christine R. Lofgren
Professor Patricia E. Schneider-Zioga
Professor Caesar D. Sereseres

A Comparative Analysis of Discourse and Learning

Phuong T. Nguyen

Biological Sciences

Professor Edward L. Nelson

Evaluation of Combined Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) and Dendritic Cell Based Immunotherapy for Enhancement of Anti-Tumor Immunity

Tan M. Nguyen

Biological Sciences

Professor Ann Sakai
Professor Stephen Weller

The Role of Genetics and Environment on Seed Qualities of Fountain Grass (Pennisetum setaceum), an Invasive Species

Jung Park

Electrical Engineering

Professor Regina Ragan

Experimental Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy of Semiconductor Surfaces and Nanostructures

Robert C. Perez


Professor Stanley C. Tyler

Measurements and Interpretation of CH4 Flux and 13C/12C

Abraham J. Qavi

Biological Sciences/ Chemistry (pending)

Professor Robert M. Corn

Fabrication of Microarrays With 3 and 5 Thiol-Modifed DNA for Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging

Daryl Riddle

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Elaine Vaughan

Public Responses to the Threat of Bioterrorism

Hallie E. Rulnick

European Studies/ Environmental Analysis & Design

Professor Kathleen Dallaire
Professor Jean-Daniel Saphores

Assessing the Economic Benefits of Brownfields Redevelopment: A Comparative Analysis of Case Studies in the St. Lawrence and Niagara Regions

Luis A. Sarmiento


Professor Leo Chavez

Old Traditions as New Resistance: Jarocho Culture as a Tool for Community Development

Jacqueline A. Seiglie

Biological Sciences

Professor Jorge A. Busciglio

Analysis of Mitochondrial Function and Proliferative Capacity of DS Lymphoblastoid Cells

Rana Sharif

Women's Studies

Professor Lara Deeb

A Comparison: The Involvement of Palestinian Women in the First and Second Intifadas

Dana L. Sinclair

Global Cultures

Professor Duncan Williams

From Pilgrimage to Religious Tourism: A Study of the Commodification of Buddhist Culture

Sukhpreet Singh

Biological Sciences

Professor Steven L. Wechsler

LAT Gene of HSV-I Functions as a Ribozyme to Block Apoptosis and Enhance Spontaneous Reactivation Phenotype

Laura L. Smith

Film & Media Studies

Professor Fatimah T. Rony

Crafting a Gaze Other Than Male in Mainstream Cinema: The Quest for Liberating Representations of Women in Film by Redefining or Abolishing Restrictive Gender Structures

Christopher J. Stapleton

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology/ Chemistry

Professor Daniele Piomelli

Neuronal Localization and Function of DGL-α and -β in the Production of 2-arachidonoylglycerol in the Rat Brain

Scott Sullivan


Professor Michael Dennin

Bead Rafts and Effective Temperature