Spring 2006 Grant Recipients - (A-F)

Student Name


Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Aaron C. Abajian

Computer Science & Engineering/ Mathematics

Professor John Lowengrub

An Efficient, Agent-Based Model for Dynamic Tumor Growth

Suleman Ahmed

Biological Sciences/ Sociology

Professor John Fox

Sensitivity of Focused Abdominal Sonography for Trauma (FAST) to Detect Clinically Significant Injuries in Pediatric Patients with Blunt Abdominal Trauma

Albert E. Almada

Biological Sciences

Professor Alexander McPherson
Professor Alberto I. Roca

Molecular Genetic Analysis of the RecX Protein to Understand Recombination

Laura R . Antonie

Biological Sciences

Professor Lynn Carpenter

Do Pioneer Trees Help Restore Valuable Hardwoods to Poor Farmland in the Tropics?

Jacob A. Arnold

Physics/ Mathematics

Professor Elizabeth J. Barton

Analysis of Star Formation Bursts in Closely Interacting Galaxy Pairs

Shaheena R. Bielman

Biological Sciences

Professor Elysia P. Davis

The Effects of Betamethasone on Infant Cortisol Response at Six Months of Age

Bria M. Biggs

Dance/ Biological Sciences

Professor Loretta Livingston

Dance Beyond My Borders

Rita A. Blaik

Materials Science Engineering

Professor Farghalli A. Mohamed

Investigation of the Microstructure after Creep Deformation of Metals at Very Low Stresses

Lauren H. Bloom

Women's Studies

Professor Inderpal Grewal

A Project to Examine the Effects of the 1998 Violence Against Women Act. In Particular, the Grants to Reduce Violence Against Women on College Campuses

Cynthia Bui

Biological Sciences/ Chemistry

Professor Shiou-Chuan (Sheryl) Tsai

Towards Structural Work on a Promiscuous Glycosyltransferase: X-ray Crystallography of DesVII

Lisa C. Butler


Professor Roger D. McWilliams

Tissue Discrimination via Laser Induced Fluorescence

Nicholas A. Castello

Biological Sciences

Professor Carl W. Cotman

Effect of Exercise on Patterns of BDNF Protein Induction and Cognitive Function

Jacquelyn Castillo


Professor Robert Boross

Solo Performance in Freestyle Jazz Dance

Irene R. Chang

Civil Engineering

Professor Jan Scherfig

Calibrating the High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Kelvin H. Cheung

Materials Science Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering

Professor Farghalli A. Mohamed

Low Temperature Deformation of Nanocrystalline Ni

Theresa K. Condon

Literary Journalism

Professor James Vigil

Power Symbols in Western European Street Gangs

Amy I. Cooper


Professor Rebecca Helfer

Activity and Passivity of the Soul in Shakespeare's King Lear

Cristina I. Cuevas

Biological Sciences

Professor Adriana D. Briscoe

The Evolution of Long-Wavelength Opsins in the Butterfly Genus Basilarchia

Belinda Dao

Biological Sciences

Professor Brian J. Wong

Effect of Cigarette Smoke Condensate on Fibroblast Cell Viability and Induced Apoptosis in Organotypic Skin Models

Judy De La O

Political Science

Professor Caesar D. Sereseres

The California Community College System: Patterns in Latino Transfer Rates to the University of California

Leah L. Dickenson

Psychology/ Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Sally Dickerson

Socially Evaluative Audience Size: Effects on Physiological and Psychological Stress Reactivity

Bao T. Dinh

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Steven C. George

The Effects of Asthma-Related Cytokines TGF2 and PGE2 on Normal Human Lung Fibroblast-Seeded Collagen Gels Can Be Monitored via Second Harmonic Generation With Multiphoton Microscopy

Linh N. Dinh

Materials Science Engineering/ Chemical Engineering

Professor Mohamed A. Farghalli

Low Temperature Mechanical Properties of Nanocrystalline Ni

Bebenaz Ehsan

Biological Sciences

Professor Sue P. Duckles
Professor Rayna J. Gonzales
Professor Diana N. Krause

Effect of Dihydrotestosterone on iNOS and COX-2 in the Cerebral Circulation Following Inflammation

Glenn T. Ellington


Professor Darryl Taylor

Salzburg Summer Vocal Program Experience

Rabia Farooquee

International Studies

Professor Fan-Gang Zeng

Informational Masking and Spectral Resolution in Cochlear Implant Users

Ann K. Fischer

Dance/ Political Science

Professor Caesar Sereseres

Salzburg International Ballet Festival: How the Salzburg Festival Has Grown From 1920-present