Spring 2007 Grant Recipients - (G-L)

Student Name


Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Jonathan D. Glassman

Civil Engineering

Professor Maria Q. Feng

Microwave Imaging: A Potential Replacement of Current Concrete Destructive Testing Methods?

Edward Gonzales

International Studies/ Environmental Analysis and Design

Professor Caesar D. Sereseres

Analysis of Perspectives on U.S.-Mexico Relations, the Security, Prosperity, and Partnership and Border Security Technology

Evan Gorski

Dylan Klee

Mechanical Engineering/ Material Sciences

Mechanical Engineering

Professor Derek Dunn-Rankin

Alternative Fuelling for UCI's 2008 Formula Car

Mary Greas

Biological Sciences

Professor Kathleen Treseder

The Effects of Nitrogen Addition at Different Stages of Decomposition

Sabrina N. Grondhuis

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Wendy A. Goldberg

Autism Spectrum Disorders and Family Functioning

Alex S. Hamil

Biological Sciences/ Cognitive Psychology

Professor Rainer K. Brachmann

Identifying Novel DNA Binding Sites for p53 Cancer Mutants

Joseph A. Hazani

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Abraham P. Lee

Determining the Effectiveness of Cell Lysis by Sodium Deoxycholate Mounted to a Microbubble Delivery System

Christina V. Hoang

Biological Sciences

Professor Devin K. Binder

Glial Cell Changes Following the Onset of Spontaneous Seizures in Wild-Type vs. Aquaporin-4-Deficient Mice

Kevin Hung

Mechanical Engineering/ Materials Science Engineering

Professor James Earthman

Changing Damping Capacity of an Alumina Fiber/Magnesium Alloy Composite Due to Thermal Cycling

Kameran R. Johnson

Developmental & Cell Biology

Professor Bruce Blumberg

The Role of SXR in Breast Cancer Stem Cells

Andrea C. Johnson

Psychology & Social Behavior/ Spanish Minor

Professor Zuzana Bic

Health Psychology and Public Health Strategies in Promoting Beneficial Sexual Health Lifestyle Practices and HIV/AIDS Prevention for Young Women in Ghana, Africa

Jeffrey Kagan

Chemical Engineering

Professor Reginald Penner

Nanowires for Fast, Selective, Power-Efficient, and Accurate Hydrogen Gas Sensing

Oliver F. Kamari-Bidkorpeh

Chemistry/ Biological Sciences

Professor Sheryl Tsai

Analysis of Ketoreductase and Polyketides Produced by a Ketoreductase Mutant in an Engineered in vivo Host, Streptomyces Coelicolor CH999

Samantha Kao

International Studies

Professor Michael L. Burton

A Study on Sustainable Fisheries and the Environmental Constraints of the Turks & Caicos Islands

Tiffany A. Key

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Ilona S. Yim
Professor Raymond W. Novaco

Through the Eyes of an Aggressor: Self-Reported Disposition for Aggression and Anger Reactivity in Relation to Stress Response, Threat Perception and Health Consequences

Anna J. Khalaj

Biological Sciences/ Literary Journalism

Professor Frances Leslie

The Effects of Gestational Nicotine on Adolescent Dopamine Development: Role of D3 Receptor in Female Stress Sensitivity

Michael J. Klopfer

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Sabee Molloi

Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE) Measurement of a Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT) X-Ray Detector for Medical X-ray Imaging Applications

Cheuk Wing B. Ko

Biological Sciences

Professor Paolo Sassone-Corsi

Identifying the Action of Dopamine on the HAT Activity of CLOCK

Alejandro T. Komai

Economics/ Mathematics

Professor Gary Richardson

A Graph Theoretic Approach to Bank Failures in the Great Depression

Francis Lee

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Kavita Arora

Functional Analysis of dActivin in Drosophila Development

Brian Leon


Professor Larry E. Overman

Progress Towards the Synthesis of Sieboldine A

Veronica A. Lewis

Biological Sciences

Professor Mahtab Jafari

The Effect of Rhodiola rosea on Drosophila melanogaster Progeny

Kevin Li


Professor Charles J. Wheeler

Limits to Overt Power: A Spatial Analysis of the Strategic Hamlet

Aaron J. Lin

Biological Sciences

Professor James S. Nowick

Folding Studies of 54-Membered Ring Macrocyclic Peptides

Yu Liu

Biological Sciences

Professor Zhi-Ling Guo
Professor John C. Longhurst

Acupuncture Activates Glutamatergic Neurons in ARC to Project into vlPAG

Richard T. Liwanag

Biological Sciences

Professor Christine M. Gall
Professor Ching-Yi Lin

Localization and Characterization of Integrin Signaling in Dendritic Spines

Lynly M. Lumibao

Criminology, Law & Society/ Political Science

Professor Scott A. Bollens

Implications of Urban Policies in the Netherlands: Integration or Conflict?

Trinh M. Luu

Comparative Literature/ Asian American Studies

Professor Charles Wheeler

Narrative Moves in Vietnamese Reeducation Camp Memoirs