Spring 2008 Grant Recipients - (M-S)

Student Name


Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Andrea R. Marcantonio

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Professor Ann K. Sakai
Professor Stephen G. Weller

Changes in Fruit Traits after Two Generations of Artificial Selection for Male and Female Biomass in Schiedea salicaria

Gabriela Marcu

Informatics/ Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Gillian R. Hayes

Cultural Differences in Reactions to the Use of Wearable Recording Technology for Aiding People with Memory Impairments

Brent C. Martin

Biological Sciences

Professor Aimee L. Edinger

Role of Akt in Growth Factor Withdrawal-Induced Cell Death

Lesly V. Martinez

Biological Sciences

Professor Frances M. Leslie

Age Differences in the Expression of D1 and D2 Dopamine Receptor Synergy

Brian P. McGrew

Chemistry/ Biology

Professor Elizabeth R. Jarvo

Development of Practical Syntheses of Allylic Boronic Esters

Vikram Mehta

Biological Sciences

Professor Sastry Gollapudi

Expression of Toll-Like Receptors (TLR) by Human Breast Cancer Cells-Potential Role in Therapeutic Strategies against Breast Cancer

Shadi N. Milani

Biological Sciences

Professor Yi-Hong Zhou

Regulation of EFEMP1 Promoter Activity in Glioma Cells

Dusty R. Miller

Not On This List/ Immunology & Microbiology

Professor Andrea J. Tenner

Characterizing the Regions of Mannan-Binding Lectin Responsible for the Enhancement of Phagocytosis and the Modulation of Cytokines

Julie Ann M. Minaai

Dance/ Education Minor

Professor Loretta Livingston

A Study of Movement Analysis, Artistry and Choreographic Process in Preparation for a Professional Career in Dance

Wael Mismar

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Noo Li Jeon

Microfluidic-Based Substrate Patterning for Axonal Growth

Sean M. Nazari

Biological Sciences

Professor Anshu Agrawal

The Effects of Hormones and Cytokines on MCF-7 Human Breast Cancer Cell Lines

Bryan D. Ngo

Biological Sciences

Professor Wen Hwa Lee

Proper Nuf2 and Hec1 Interaction and Localization is Essential for Microtubule Formation

Andy I. Nguyen


Professor Alan F. Heyduk

Studying Multielectron Processes by Tantalum Complexes Containing Redox-Active Ligands

William H. Nguyen

Chemistry/ Biological Sciences

Professor Athan J. Shaka

Scandium Triflate Catalyzed Acetylation of Sugars for the Better Elucidation of Molecular Structures through NMR Spectroscopy

Elaine Nguyen

Biological Sciences

Professor Bernard Choi

Rose Bengal Photo-Dynamic Therapy: A Non-Invasive Means of Photochemical Induction of a Localized Ischemic Stroke

Tran Q. Nguyen

Biological Sciences

Professor Celia W. Goulding

Heme Binding and Degrading Functions of Rv3592

Tri H. Nguyen

Biomedical Engineering

Professor William C. Tang

Active Micromixer for Microfluidic Systems with Lead-Zirconate-Titanate (PZT) Streaming Actuator to Promote Virus Attachment onto Functionalized Beads

Cindy T. Nguyen

Biological Sciences

Professor Jin Fu
Professor Danieli Piomelli

Effects of Endocannabinoid in Social Isolation Rats

Nazila Norouzi-Bazaz

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Elliot Botvinick

Microrheological Measurements in Engineered Protein Hydrogels

Kohtaro Ohara

Biological Sciences/ Business Economics

Professor Andrej Luptak

Developing Protocols for 5' Fluorescent Labeling of RNA

Yu Ong

Biological Sciences

Professor Yi-hong Zhou

Detection of Different Degree of Angiogenesis in Glioma Xenografts from Cells Modified on Expression of PAX6 and Putative Antiangiogenic Gene EFEMP1

Jeremy L. Ovadia


Professor Kieron Burke

Expanding a Semiclassical Approach to Density Functional Theory of Non-Interacting Atoms

Joshua Park


Professor Hoda Anton-Culver
Professor Seong Sil Chang
Professor Clare C. Constantine

Use of Nail DNA in Epidemiology: Assessing DNA Copy Number and Strand Integrity as Biomarkers

Shivani Patel

Art History/ Economics, Archeology

Professor Alka Patel

Greek Sanctuaries and Indian Temples: Examining Ancient Mythologies within Visual Culture and Architecture

Tiffany A. Pham

Chemistry/ Biological Sciences

Professor Andrej Luptak

In vitro Selection of Self-Cleaving Ribozymes in the Mouse Genome

Stephen D. Ramgren


Professor Suzanne A. Blum

Investigation of the Role of Gold in a Bimetallic Catalytic System for the Highly Regioselective Synthesis of Olefins

Janette Ramirez

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Caesar D. Sereseres

Health Services and Centers: Disparities within the Latino Community

Ramyadeepika Rao

Biological Sciences

Professor Hartmut Luecke

Solving the Structure of Alpha-19 Giardin Using X-Ray Crystallography

Nadim M. Rayess

Biological Sciences

Professor Ricardo Miledi

Expression of Ion Channels in Ambystoma Oocytes for Electrophysiological Studies

Gustavo Rios

Electrical Engineering

Professor John LaRue
Professor Richard D. Nelson

Design and Fabrication of a Two-Dimensional Electrode Array for the Study of Neurons

Maryam Rokhideh

International Studies

Professor Caesar D. Sereseres

Cameroon National, Ethnic and Political “Harmony”: Avoiding the Unavoidable in Africa?

Melissa N. Sakamoto

International Studies

Professor Caesar D. Sereseres

The Future of the Italian State: Italian National and Regional Identities

Marzieh (Sara) Sameni

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Fan-gang Zeng

Melody Recognition in AN Patients

Quinn M. Sorenson

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Professor F. Lynn Carpenter

Does Facilitation of Ecological Succession on Tropical Pastures also Hasten Earthworm Succession?

Erica Su

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Brian Wong

Measuring Mechanical Properties of Rabbit Trachea: Determining Location Dependency of Tracheal Rings

Patrick K. Sung


Professor Jonathan F. Alexander

Turning Japanese? Cultural Reimaginings in Western Boys' Love Fandom