Spring 2009 Grant Recipients - (G-L)

Student Name



Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Gabriela M. Ganddini

Biological Sciences

Professor Frances Leslie

Neural Mechanisms Underlying Age Differences in Dopaminergic Drug Sensitivity

Kevin N. Ganesh

Biological Sciences

Professor Melanie Cocco

Synfensin Project

Shabnam Ghazizadeh

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Elliot Botvinick

Laser Softening of Glutaraldehyde Crosslinked Bovine Pericardium for an Improved Heart Valve Material

Brian Goo

Biological Sciences

Professor Peter Bryant

Measuring Filter Feeding Rates of Invertebrates in Upper Newport Bay

Rodolfo A. Gordillo

Computer Science

Professor Pedro Flombaum
Professor Adam Martiny

Global Distribution of Prochlorococcus and Synechococcus

Stephanie C. Hammel

Chemistry/ Biological Sciences Minor

Professor Athan J. Shaka

The Kinetic Isotope Effect: A Method to Slow Aging? In vivo Measurements in Drosophila Melanogaster

Sarah E. Hanson

History/ European Studies

Professor Nancy A. McLoughlin

Medieval English Widows

Matthew M. Hickman


Professor Daniel Whiteson

Backgrounds to the Same Sign Dilepton Signature at the ATLAS Detector

Erin J. Horowitz

Psychology & Social Behavior/ Psychology

Professor Wendy Goldberg

Theory of Mind and Severity of Symptoms in Regressive vs. Non-Regressive forms of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Nelson Hsu


Professor Yi-Hong Zhou

Suppression of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor A Expression in Glioma Cells and Glioma Angiogenesis via PAX6

Chun-Ching Huang


Professor James S. Nowick

Using m-Abc2k to Build a Three-dimensional Cage-like Structure

Deena Jamal

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Elliot Botvinick

The Role of the Flycocalyx in Mechanotransduction and its Presence In Vitro

Natalie D. Johnson


Professor Lisa Naugle

An Exploration of Choreography, Collaboration, Photography, and Video

Mina Kazemian

Chemistry/ Biology

Professor Andrej Luptak

A Search for Self-Cleaving Ribozymes

Soka Keo

Social Ecology

Professor Ilona Yim

The Role of the HPA Axis in the Development of Gestational Diabetes

Alisa Krichevsky

Biological Sciences

Professor Gregory Evans
Professor Thomas Scholz

Possible Applications of eCryo for Wound Healing and Skin Grafts in Pigs

Andrew Lam


Professor James S. Nowick

Rapid Synthesis of Peptides which Adopt Parallel Beta-Sheet Conformations

Belinda H. Lau

Music/ Education

Professor Darryl Taylor

The Development of Vocal Artistry: Italy and Music

Connie Li


Professor Darryl Taylor

Developing into a Professional Artist: The Methods of Becoming a Well-Rounded Performer

Amanda Lim

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Brian J. F.. Wong

Measuring the Mechanical Changes in Rabbit Septal and Auricular Cartilage Following Voltage Application during Electromechanical Reshaping

Dana Lin

Biological Sciences

Professor Andrej Luptak

Characterizing of Genomic Sassanfar Aptamers Using Equilibrium Dialysis and Affinity Binding Chromatography

Sandy Liu


Professor Gary Richardson

Quantifying the Methods of Reconstruction Finance Corporation Loan Allocation

Elizabeth Lopez

History/ Political Science

Professor Lynn Mally

Social Networks and 21st Century Political Dissent

Sapphire L. Lopez

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Farghalli A. Mohamed

Production of Cryomilled Nanocrystalline Titanium for Biomedical Applications

Juan C. Lucio-Vega

Chemical Engineering/ Material Science Engineering

Professor Martha L. Mecartney

Proton Conduction in Strontium-doped Monazite