Spring 2009 Grant Recipients - (GROUP)

Student Name



Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Aran Aghapour

Nicole Farr

Ben B. Jakovljevic

Oren Klein

Ana Levy

Kevin Pham

Political Science/ International Studies

Biological Sciences


Political Science


Political Science

Professor Daniel R. Brunstetter
Professor Alison Brysk
Professor Paula Garb

The Effects of Distance on Outlook

Thanh Cao

Kimberly Leung

Rucha Shah

Biological Sciences/ Anthropology (minor)

Biological Sciences/ Education (minor)

Biological Sciences

Professor Jean Gehricke

Changes in Brain Oxygenation in Adult Smokers Undergoing Smoking Withdrawal With and Without Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Brian S. Chan

Natalie M. Goudarzian

Criminology, Law & Society/ Political Science

International Studies/ Literary Journalism

Professor Henry N. Pontell

The Evolution of Intellectual Property Crime

Jenny Y. Chou

Alan Estero

Jacky Ip

Public Health Sciences/ Psychology and Social Behavior

Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences

Professor Michael R. Rose

The Effects of Body Fat and Aging on Heart Function in the Drosophila Melanogaster

Steven R. DeGroot

Irina M. Padua

Kelly Parson

Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences

Professor Todd C. Holmes

Whole Brain, High Temporal, Single Cell Resolution Imaging of Drosophila Clock Neurons Expanded

Michael W. Gragnani

Hemi Jung

Shane M. Mesko


Biological Sciences


Professor John C. Fox

Prospective Evaluation of Ultrasonographic Measurement of the Optic Nerve Sheath Diameter and Invasive Monitoring of Intracranial Pressure

Brenda Gutierrez

Nima Khoobiyary

Michael Q. Nguyen

Ngan Pham

Maria N. Shaikh

Public Health Sciences

Public Health Sciences

Public Health Sciences/ Minors in: Political Science, Conflict Resolution and Educational Studies

Public Health Sciences

Public Health Sciences

Professor Zuzana Bic
Professor David Timberlake

Can Public Health Education Increase Health Literacy and Awareness, and Improve the Quality of Life Among Cancer Populations?

Shahriar Irani

Matin Khoshnevis

Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences/ Management, Education,

Professor Darren Malinoski

The Inflammatory Response to Brain Death and Its Effects on the Suitability of Organs for Donation and Recipient Graft Function

Justin L. Carter

Mehernosh Gundevia

Justin Lin

Daniel R. Rodriguez

Mechanical Engineering/ Material Sciences Engineering

Mechanical Engineering/ Material Sciences Engineering

Biomedical Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering, Material Sciences Engineering

Mechanical Engineering/ Material Sciences Engineering

Professor David Reinkensmeyer

SARA: Stand Assist Rehabilitation Apparatus

Chad Maynard

Dennis Tam

Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

Professor Kenneth Mease

Vertical Take-Off and Landing Stability Control

Michael V. DiStefano

Michael I. Merchant

Information & Computer Science


Professor William Tomlinson

I Would Watch That

Shadi N. Milani

Anthony M. Wong

Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences

Professor Yi-Hong Zhou

Regulation of EFEMP1 Promoter Activity in Glioma Cells

Jesse Campbell

Ketron Mitchell-Wynne



Professor Tammy Smecker-Hane

Discovering Eclipsing Binary Star Systems By Performing Photometric Analysis of Spectroscopic Binary Systems

Alex Kennedy

Chad C. Maynard

Calvin Nguyen

Gia Nguyen

Kamil Samaan

Dennis Tam

Giuseppe Venneri

Nora Wang


Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering/ Material Science Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering/ Mechanical

Professor Robert H. Liebeck

Design Build Fly AIAA

Mariam A. Abdlemelek

Nirvi V. Shah

Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences

Professor Yi-Hong Zhou

Determining the TP53 Gene Mutation Status in Neural Stem-Like Cells from Malignant Gliomas

Skyler C. Gray

Joel Shura

Alexander Spear

Victor Vazquez




Drama/ English

Professor Don Hill

Sinequanon Theatre Project

Audrey B. Nguyen

Christine K. Ta

Criminology, Law & Society/ Psychology & Social Behavior

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Larry D. Jamner

From Dreams to Waking Life