Spring 2010 Grant Recipients - (A-F)

Student Name



Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Samar Abedrabbo

Biological Sciences

Professor Adam Martiny

Diversity and its Limits: Variation within Prochlorococcus Ecotypes

Stephanie Aguilar


Professor Sheryl Tsai

Structural characterization and mutagenesis of StfQ

Asim Q. Ahmad

Biological Sciences

Professor Sheryl Tsai

Elucidating the Mechanism of Cyclization of the Bikaverin Synthase Product Template Domain by Site Directed Mutagenesis

Bryan P. Arant


Professor Manoj Kaplinghat

A Review of the Dark Matter Problem on Galaxy Scales

Raquel S. Ayubi

Political Science/ Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Bojan Petrovic

A Comparison of three Periods: The Role of Afghan Women before the Cold War, during the Civil Wars and after the Taliban

Allison C. Baker

Biomedical Engineering

Professor William Tang

Microfluidic Platform for Capturing Circulating Tumor Cells

Hope Bataclan

Dance-Choreography/ Dance- Performance

Professor Jennifer J. Fisher
Professor Sheron C. Wray

Collaborative Conversations on the Continent

Lindsay M. Berliner


Professor Lisa M. Naugle

Dance Improvisation & Video Intermedia Intensive in Frigiliana, Spain

Rachel I. Berman


Professor Lisa M. Naugle

The Mainland Dance Tour: A Coast-to-Coast Exploration of Contemporary Dance

Jeremy Blanco

Social Ecology

Professor AnneMarie Conley

Flow Psychology: Intrinsic Motivation Amongst College Students

Kristina M. Bonaparte

Biological Sciences

Professor Nancy Burley

Dietary Implications for Social Foraging in Zebra Finches, Taeniopygia guttata

Suzanne M. Casazza


Professor Alice Fahs

The Role of Women in Children's Literature

Gabrielle D. Castro

Dance-Choreography/ English (Creative Writing); Linguistics minor

Professor Jennifer J. Fisher
Professor Sheron C. Wray

Collaborative Conversations on the Continent

Alexandra Cazares

Chicano/Latino Studies/ History

Professor Ana E. Rosas

The Coping Methods of Transnational Mothers

Stephany S. Chacon


Professor Steven D. Allison

Organic Matter Concentration as a Constraint on Microbial Decomposition

Marvin M. Chan

Mechanical Engineering

Professor Martha L. Mecartney

Thermal Shock Resistance of Oxygen Sensors

Dorothy Cheng


Professor Dan Bogart

Members of Parliament, their Constituencies, and their Impact on Economic Development

Vickie Cheng


Professor Sheryl Tsai

Elucidating the role of HedE in the Biosynthesis of the Hedamycin Aromatic Core

Derek D. Chien

Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine

Professor Elliot L. Botvinick

Design and Construction of an Active micro-Rheometer

Manita Choudhary

Biological Sciences/ International Studies

Professor Christine Suetterlin

Analysis of the Activity of the Natural Compound Macfarlandin E on mitochondria

Justin J. Connor

International Studies/ Global Cultures, minor Computer Science

Professor Ramesh Jain

Live Sensor-Based Context Aware Large Vocabulary Speaker Independent Continuous Speech Recognition

Julia M. Damron

Music/ Philosophy

Professor Colleen Reardon

History, Function, and Method of 20th- and 21st-Century Extended Clarinet Techniques

Maithao T. Dang

Biological Sciences

Professor Sheryl Tsai

Structural Characterization of Type I Iterative Non-reducing Polyketide Synthases

Janice D. De Jesus

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Elliot Hui

Integration of Poly N-Isopropylacrylamide in Pneumatically Controlled Microfluidic Channels

Bhumi B. Desai

Biological Sciences

Professor Hoda Anton-Culver

Association between Caspase 8 Polymorphisms and Breast Cancer Risk

Mindy L. DeYoung

Psychology/ Management Minor

Professor Pernille Hemmer
Professor Michael Lee

The Influence of Expertise on General Knowledge and Prediction Ordering Tasks

Veena Dharmadhikari


Professor Oswald Steward

Distribution of Transfected RNA in Neurons in Culture

Alicia Dominguez

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Sara Wakefield

Success of an Alternative School: Ethnography and the ACCESS Program

Caitlyn A. Dominguez


Professor Don Hill

La Commedia dei Tutti: Comedy for All

Saron Ephraim

African-American Studies/ Public Health Policy

Professor Jennifer J. Fisher
Professor Sheron C. Wray

Collaborative Conversations on the Continent

Kathryn Y. Felsinger


Professor Lisa M. Naugle

Immersion Into Improvisation in Spain: Understanding Collaboration, Dance Technique and the Connection to Dance Therapy

Nicole M. Furr

Developmental & Cell Biology

Professor Edwin S. Monuki

The Negative Regulation of BMP Signaling by Lhx2 in the Mouse Cerebral Cortex