Spring 2010 Grant Recipients - (G-L)

Student Name



Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Jannet Galdamez


Professor Jennifer J. Fisher
Professor Sheron C. Wray

Collaborative Conversations on the Continent

Andrea Gaspar

Anthropology/ Psychology

Professor Karen B. Leonard
Professor Sheila G. O'Rourke

Nationalism, Racism, Discrimination and Contemporary Gypsy Art in Hungary

Elias R. Gerrick

Biological Sciences

Professor Celia W. Goulding

Characterizing the Cytoplasmic Region of a Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Heme Metabolism Protein

Michael K. Girard


Professor Tammy Smecker-Hane

Investigation of The Chemical Composition of Stars in the Sculptor Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy

Diana G. Glovaci

Biological Sciences

Professor Nathan Wong

Persistent Undertreatment of Cardiovascular Risk Factors Among Persons with Type 2 Diabetes across Insulin Use in the United States NHANES 2003-2006

Krupa P. Gohil

Biological Sciences

Professor Olivier Civelli

Involvement of MCH in Depression

Michael Gou

Quantitative Economics

Professor Gary Richardson

Banking runs in the 1930's and How Businesses are Affected

Brandon A. Haghverdian

Biological Sciences

Professor Michael T. Kleinman

Changes in Mouse Pulmonary Research as a Function of Methacholine Particle Composition

Joseph J. Henry

Business Economics

Professor Gary Richardson

Panic in Paradise: A Study of Florida Banks During the Depression

Charles B. Hicks

Religious Studies

Professor Jack Miles

Charismatic Authority and the Figure of the Prophet in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Gary P. Hill

Materials Science Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering

Professor Marc Madou

Fabrication of Suspended Nano-Wires via Controlled Electrospinning Deposition of SU-8

Nicole Ho

Biological Sciences

Professor Kailen Mooney

Effects of Nitrogen Deposition on Artemisia Californica and its Specialist Herbivore

Asia N. Hodges

Social Science/ African-American Studies

Professor Tiffany Willougby- Herard

Violence of the Gaze: White Sight in Fanon’s Black Skin, White Masks

Aileen Huynh


Professor Martha L. Mecartney

The Effect of Secondary and Tertiary Phases on the Optical and Mechanical Properties of Ceramics for Armor Applications

Naoko Ichiishi


Professor Elizabeth R. Jarvo

Development of a Silver-catalyzed Propargylation and Allenylation of Pyruvates

Patrice E. Jang


Professor Kenneth M. Baldwin

Resistance Exercise as a Countermeasure for Atrophy of Slow-Type Skeletal Muscle

Natalie D. Johnson


Professor John L. Crawford
Professor Lisa M. Naugle

Dance and Digital: An Exploration of Dance, Improvisation, Collaboration, Photography, and Video

Ariana L. Keil

Anthropology/ Minor is Psychology

Professor Karen Leonard
Professor Sheila G. O'Rourke

Determinants of Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery: An Examination of Pornography and Cultural Visual Constructs of the Vulva, their Contribution to Women’s Genital Anxieties, and Their Intersections with the Culture of Cosmetic Surgery

Seyed Ali A. Khalessi Hosseini

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Stephanie M. Reich

Breastfeeding, Obesity, and Infantile Feeding Habits

Jae woo Kim

Quantitative Economics

Professor Gary Richardson

Banking Panics During the Great Depression

Jinwan Kim

Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine

Professor Brian JF. Wong

Control of Costal Cartilage Warping Using Electromechanical Reshaping

Theresa J. Kim

Biological Sciences

Professor Dongbao Chen

Hydrogen Sulfide Biosynthesis in Health Term and Preeclamptic Human Placentas

Joe M. Klunder


Professor Michael E. Martinez

Computerized Cognitive Training Methods to Increase Intelligence

Liliya Kolozian

Biological Sciences

Professor Sheryl Tsai

Crystallizing LovB: KS-AT Domain of Lovastatin

Georgette I. Kubrussi

Biological Sciences

Professor Virginia Kimonis

Patient Psychological Stability Before and After the Disclosure of Genetic Testing Results for Inclusion Body Myopathy associated with Paget’s Disease of Bone and Frontotemporal Dementia

Maria Antonia Kyle

Political Science

Professor Caesar Sereseres

Internal displacement in Colombia: Domestic and International Cooperation

Madeline Lamond


Professor Lisa M. Naugle

“The Madcat Factory: Exploring Dance Improvisation”

Bryan Q. Le


Professor Zhibin Guan

Synthesis and Characterization of Structural and Electronic Variants of the Super-Stack-Blocked (SSB) 4-Ureido-2-Pyrimidone (UPy) Discreet Folded Dimer (DFD) Module

John Leong

Biological Sciences

Professor Sheryl Tsai

Determination of Structure and Function of EqiS TR, a Enzymatic Domain of Equisetin Synthase

Rebecca M. Levy

Business Administration/ Dance Performance

Professor Lisa M. Naugle

Improvisation in Dance and Life Across Borders

Stacey E. Lien

Psychology/ Sociology

Professor AnneMarie Conley

Middle School Vietnamese American Math Efficacy: The Association of Educational and Occupational Aspirations with the Academic Competence to Succeed

Amanda Lim

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Brian JF. Wong

Identifying the Ideal Needle Electrode Geometry for Electromechanical Reshaping

Dana Lin

Biological Sciences/ Chicano/Latino Studies

Professor Andrej Luptak

Searching and Characterizing Functional Genomic Sassanfar Aptamers

Lawrence Liu


Professor Kailen Mooney

Exploring Inverse Relationships between Artemisia californica Growth Rate and Herbivore Defense

Juan C. Lucio-Vega

Chemical Engineering/ Material Science Engineering

Professor Martha L. Mecartney

Proton Conductivity in Strontium-doped Monazite

Justin C. Luo

Biomedical Engineering/ Chemistry

Professor Steven C. George

The Role of TGF-β in Increasing the Contractility of Fibroblasts

Denise Ly

Biological Sciences/ Psychology

Professor Timothy A. Allen
Professor Norbert Fortin

In Search of Sequence Memory in the Brain: The Effects of Hippocampal and Perirhinal Lesions on Recognition for Items in Sequence