Spring 2013 Grant Recipients - (A-F)

Student Name


Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Mohamad H. Abedi

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Elliot Hui

Highly Sensitive Cardiac Troponin I Detection using a Pneumatically Controlled Diagnostic Chip

Hooree Amerkhanian

Biological Sciences

Professor Donovan P. German

The Effects of Diet on Trypsin Gene Copy Number Variation

Jacob G. Anderson

Earth & Environmental Science

Professor Banafshe Khalili

Assessment of Feedback between Simulated Global Environmental Change and Soil Proteins

Emma A. Austin

English/ minor in Japanese Language and Literature

Professor Ronald F. Carlson

Evolution of the Liar: Short Stories Exploring The Devil Figure of Lore

Antony S. Awad

Pharmaceutical Science

Professor Gregory R. Evans
Professor Alan D. Widgerow

Signaling Profile of Thermal Trauma [SPoTT]: Exudate Analysis in Acute Burn Patients

Salvador I. Badillo Rios

Mechanical Engineering/ Aerospace Engineering

Professor Vince McDonell
Professor G. Scott Samuelsen

Analysis of Breakup of Water-in-Oil Emulsions and Composite Disturbances on Emulsion Jets

Rame B. Bashir

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Professor Bharath Chakravarthy
Professor Shahram Lotfipour

Risk Factors for Prescription Drug Overdose: a Retrospective Case-Control Study of Emergency Department Patients

Kelly Blake

Biological Sciences

Professor Raymond W. Novaco

Family Readjustment in Male and Female Veterans

James T. Brewster


Professor Kelvin W. Gee

Project title removed at student's request

Jeffrey S. Briggs

Public Health Sciences

Professor Jennifer A. Prescher

Synthesis of Thiacycloheptyne and Triazenes for Bioorthogonal Chemistry

Raymond James G. Cabrer

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Jered B. Haun

Multifunctional Magnetic Nanoparticles for use in the Purification of Heterogeneous Tumor Samples

John Caroompas


Professor Kenneth J. Shea

Efficient Synthesis of Vinyl Chlorides Using Molybdenum and Tungsten

Maria J. Castillo

Public Health Sciences/ Psychology/Cognitive Sciences

Professor David Feldman

Planned Indirect Potable Reuse in Atlanta, Georgia

Gregory Chan

Biological Sciences

Professor Petra Wilder-Smith

Detection of Caries Underneath Dental Sealants Using a Low-Cost, IR Imaging Modality

Derek Chang


Professor Xianzhi Jiang
Professor Steven L. Wechsler

Generation of Mutant Herpes Simplex Virus 1 with Fluorescently-Tagged Capsid Protein

Vinson Chau


Professor Caesar D. Sereseres

Children, Learning, and Educational Technology

Yingyao A. Chen


Professor Kenneth J. Shea

Refinement and Improvement of “Plastic” Antibodies Against Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) Bacterium

Sarahzin S. Chowdhury

International Studies

Professor Caesar D. Sereseres

Who or What is a Terrorist?

Christen M. Chung

Biological Sciences

Professor Aimee Edinger

FTY720's Effect on Nutrient Transporter Proteins

Bryan D. Clifton


Professor Jose Ranz

Assessment of Sexually Antagonistic Selection of Sdic, a Recently-Evolved Chimeric Multigene Family Exclusive to Drosophila melanogaster

Justin S. Cochrane

Microbiology & Immunology

Professor Lbachir BenMohamed

Quantification of HSV-1 and HSV-2 Stocks by Plaque Forming Assay

Chanele B. Cook


Professor Gary Richardson

Exogenous Shocks to the Banking Industry: A Comparison of Florida’s Banking Industry during the 1929 and 1956 Mediterranean Fruit Fly Infestations

Michael A. Corrado

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Elliot Hui

Size-Selective Filtration Device for High-Throughput Study of Aging in C. elegans

Matthew B. Curtis

Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine/ Music Performance: Viola

Professor Steven C. George

Analyzing the Effects of Cancer Drugs on a Tissue Engineered Model of Tumor Angiogenesis

Sabrina H. Dea

Biological Sciences

Professor Olivier Civelli

Co-Localization of KCNQ2 Channels in MCH-Expressing Neurons

Amber Di Ferdinand


Professor Richard Godden

For Want of More: Female Agency in Chopin’s The Awakening and Glawgow’s The Sheltered Life

Jessica Diaz

Biological Sciences

Professor Haiou Yang

Ergonomic Training Needs Assessment on Ethnic Supermarket Workers

Andrew N. Dinh

Biological Sciences

Professor David Gardiner

Induction of Hair and Fat in Axolotls using Mouse Skin ECM Grafts

Justin T. Do

Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine

Professor Elliot Hui

Fabrication and Optimization of Device for Control of Single Cell Pair Contacts

John Doan

Biological Sciences

Professor Marcelo Wood

The Role of Nucleosome Remodeling in Cocaine-Associated Memories

Michael J. Doty

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Zoran Nenadic

Assembly of a Tetrode Twister for Fabrication of Tetrodes In-House

Ngoc H. Duong

Biological Sciences

Professor Paolo Casali

B Cell Signaling by Induction of Autophagic Proteins

Yen Chi Fang

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Elliot Hui

Post-assembly Laser Cutting in Microfluidic Glass Devices

Sean Feng


Professor Chris Vanderwal

Synthesis of the Core of Clionastatins A and B

Michael J. Formica

Biological Sciences

Professor Anshu Agrawal

The Effects of Aging on C-type Lectin Receptors

Amos K. Fung

Microbiology & Immunology/ Chemistry

Professor Melanie Cocco

Structural Characterization of Nogo-66 Protein Fragment in the Presence of A24 and Myelin Lipids