Spring 2015 Grant Recipients - (A-F)

Student Name


Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

William J. Agnew

Biomedical Engineering

Professor William C. Tang

Investigation of Polyvinyl Difluoride (PVDF)-Based Micro-Cantilevers for Studying Cardiomyocyte Contractility

Marwa N. Ahady

Pharmaceutical Science

Professor Andrej Luptak

Characterizing Bacterial HDV-Like Ribozymes Sensitivity to Glucosamine 6-Phosphate and the Implications in Gene Expression

Tasnim M. Ahmed

Biomedical Engineering

Professor William C. Tang

Neural Interfaces for Control of Prosthetic Limbs

Medha Asthana

Anthropology/ Business Administration

Professor Keith M. Murphy

An Ethnographic Look into Students’ Political Expression within University Climates in Santiago, Chile

Julia C. Barbour

Pharmaceutical Science

Professor Mahtab Jafari

The Action of Natural Products on Inflammation in Drosophila melanogaster

William J. Barton

Political Science/ Economics

Professor Heidi Hardt

Rules of Engagement: Justification for NATO Behavior?

Farheen Basith

Biological Sciences

Professor Kyoko Yokomori

dCas9-Mediated Epigenetic Manipulation of D4Z4 Repeats

Amanpreet Bilg

Public Health Sciences

Professor Dongbao Chen

Human Uterine Angiogenesis: Influence of Menstrual Cycle and Pregnancy

Yesenia Calderon

Biological Sciences/ Specifically, Human Biology

Professor Michael J.. Montoya

Latino Immigrant Farmworkers: Their Perspective on their Lives as Immigrant Farmworkers and its Relation to the Social Determinants of Health

Andres Camarena


Professor Bruce McNaughton

The Effects of a Unilateral Hippocampal Lesion on the Brain Cortical Dynamics

Rui Cao

Biomedical Engineering

Professor William C.. Tang

Saliva-Based Malaria Detection Platform

Chad A. Caraway

Biological Sciences

Professor Wayne W. Poon

Defining the Contribution of APOE Polymorphisms as a Risk Factor for AD using iPS-Derived Astrocyte/Neuronal Co-Cultures

Ariana A. Castro

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Raymond W. Novaco

Reducing Anger through Expressive Writing

Claudia C. Cetrola

Biomedical Engineering

Professor William C. Tang

Study of Cancer Stem Cell Separation with Dielectrophoresis Microplatform

HyunJin Cho

Aerospace Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering

Professor Yun Wang

Thermoelectric Power Generation Research

David Y. Chung


Professor Darryl Taylor

The Unsung Masterpiece: Exploration on Latin American/Iberian Vocal Music

Rishad J. Dalal


Professor Kenneth J. Shea

Synthesis of Nanoparticle Polymer and Testing Affinity with IgG

Ariel A. Dalisay

Biological Sciences

Professor Jonathan Lakey

Evaluating Barium Ion Crosslinking to Reduce Isotropic Swelling Noted with Calcium-Gelled Alginate Microcapsules

Carolyn Q. Dang

Pharmaceutical Science

Professor Christine Suetterlin

Determining the Mechanism of GM130-Mediated Centrosome Regulation through Structure-Function Analysis

Kathy Dao


Professor Christopher D. Vanderwal

Synthesis and Determination of Relative and Absolute Configuration of Pustulosaisonitrile

Ashlee J. Davis


Professor Suzanne Blum

Alkoxyboration Extention: Synthesis of Borylated Pyrans and Lactones

Julia L. DePaoli


Professor Lisa Naugle

Dance Immersion in Italy

Brian Dertli

Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine

Professor Sabee Y. Molloi

Myocardium Bed Perfusion Calculation using Computed Tomography

Gishan S. Dissanayake Bogoda

Biological Sciences

Professor Steven Gross

RNA Amplification and Examination in Lipid Droplets within Embryonic Cells of Drosophila melanogaster

Gishan S. Dissanayake Bogoda

Biological Sciences

Professor Steven Gross

RNA Amplification and Examination in Lipid Droplets within Embryonic Cells of Drosophila melanogaster

Robert E. Dunn

Biomedical Engineering/ Psychology and Social Behavior

Professor Zhongping Chen

Optical Coherence Tomography Imaging to Find a Correlation between Age and Biofilm Accumulation in Extubated Endotracheal Tubes as well as Analyzing Biofilm Thickness from Distal to Proximal Regions of Endotracheal Tubes

Jordan Edmunds

Biological Sciences

Professor An H. Do

Spatially Distributed Functional Electrical Stimulation

Claire R. Engelmann


Professor Sergey A. Nizkorodov

Photolysis of Atmospherically Relevant Carbonyl Compounds

Emmaline T. Esper

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Raymond Novaco

Narcissism and Aggression

Monica E. Espinoza

Biological Sciences

Professor Alberto J. Lopez
Professor Marcelo A. Wood

The Medial Habenula and Cocaine-Associated Memory

Melody J. Fang

Biological Sciences

Professor Andrea Tenner

Effect of C1q KO in Mice: Detrimental or Neuroprotective

Ahmed M. Farhat

Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine

Professor Feng Liu
Professor Frank Meyskens

Exploring Potential Drug-Arrest and Drug-Adaptation Gene Pathways in Melanoma Tumor Cells to Identify Prospective Drug Targets

Anysa Fernandez

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Jered Haun

Production of Recombinant Nanoparticle Targeting Proteins: CHO-K1 Cell System