Spring 2016 Grant Recipients - (G-L)

Student Name


Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Ariel Giventer

Biological Sciences

Professor Bogi Andersen

The Role of the Circadian Clock in Imiquimod-induced Skin Inflammation

Christopher Gomez

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Belinda Campos

The Effects of Culture on Expressive Suppression and Pain Sensitivity

Cristian Gonzalez

Pharmaceutical Science

Professor Mahtab Jafari

Challenging the Standardization of Herbal Extracts: Rhodiola rosea

Stephanie Gonzalez

Psychology & Social Behavior/ Education Sciences

Professor Mark Warschauer

Academic and Social Impacts of a Semester vs a Quarter System

Nichole A. G. Grimes


Professor Adriana Johnson

Race and the Environment in the Preservation or Conservation Debate

Jasmin V. Guerrero

Chemical Engineering/ Material Science Minor, Specialization in Biomolecular Engineering

Professor Jered Haun

Ultrasensitive Detection of Soluble Proteins from Single Cells by Quantum Dot Nanoparticle Probe

Chenxu Guo

Chemistry/ Quantitative Economics

Professor Nien-Hui Ge

Synthesis of Isotope Labeled Tau-Protein Derived Hexapeptide for 2D IR Studies

Cassandra G. Hall

Education Sciences

Professor Mark Warschauer

21st Century Literacies: Use of Collaborative Environments for Supporting Struggling Writers

Sol Hee Han

Biological Sciences

Professor J. Lawrence Marsh

Comparative Study of the Potential Metabolic Impacts in Relation to Varying Pathogenesis of HTT Constructs using Drosophila

Amy Hong

Biological Sciences

Professor Jorge M. Reyes-Ruiz

Production and Purification of Biologically Active Antibodies against Human Beta Amyloid in E. coli

Judith Hsieh

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Robert Hunt

Evaluating Epilepsy Phenotypes in a New Genetic Mouse Model

Christine T. Hua

Biological Sciences

Professor Jennifer A. Prescher

Novel Luciferase-Luciferin Pairs for Multi-Component Imaging

Jessica Huynh


Professor Sabrina E.B. Schuck

Canine Assisted Intervention for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Delaney Islip

Biological Sciences

Professor Petra Wilder-Smith

Developing a Saliva-Based Oral Cancer Risk Test for Underserved Populations in a Community-Based Setting

Andre Ismailyan

Computer Science

Professor Eli Bozorgzadeh
Professor Solmaz Kia

Software Control of TurtleBot Robots

Aditya Iyengar

Biological Sciences

Professor Sergey Nizkorodov

Formation and Photochemistry of Viscous Atmospheric Organic Aerosols

Sierra M. Kautiainen

Pharmaceutical Science

Professor Daniele Piomelli

Single Cell Lipidomics

Gregory R. Krueper

Electrical Engineering

Professor Shane Ardo

Effect of Type and Concentrations of Supporting Electrolyte on Electron Transfer Rates between Dyes Anchored to Mesoporous TiO2 Thin Films for Applications in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

Anastasia Krylov


Professor James Bullock

Effects of Hypernova on Galactic Evolution

Alexandra Le

Pharmaceutical Science

Professor Mahtab Jafari

The Effect of Rhodiola rosea on Mitochondrial and Glycolytic Dysfunction on a Cell Culture Model

John S. Lee

Quantitative Economics

Professor Gary Richardson

The Effects of Oklahoma’s Deposit Insurance in the Early Twentieth Century

Maranda Li


Professor Rahul Warrior

Using CRISPR-Cas Genome Engineering to GFP-Tag the D. melanogaster O-xylosyltransferase Protein

Yiyang S. Liang


Professor Christopher D. Vanderwal

Thiosemicarbazone Formation for the Stabilization of Mutant p53

Melissa Luong


Professor Charles Chubb

Relationships of Line Segments and the Centroid Task

Ethan B. Luong

Biological Sciences

Professor Justin Shaffer

Differential Student Motivation on Low Stakes, Online Pre- and Post-Assessment Tests