Spring 2016 Grant Recipients - (M-S)

Student Name


Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Sarah S. Mahoney


Professor Makio Morikawa
Professor Sylvia Nam

Kyo-Machiya Restoration: Reclaiming Local Identity and the Spirit of Wabi-Sabi Aesthetic

Mai M. Makhlouf

Biological Sciences

Professor Michelle Fortier
Professor Brooke Jenkins

Nurse and Parent Training in Postoperative Stress

Ian Manfredo

Biological Sciences

Professor Gary Lynch

Environmental Enrichment: Experience-Based Learning Allowing for Transferrable Spatial Learning Techniques

Bernadette Mercado


Professor Elizabeth Jarvo

Negishi-Type Cross-Coupling Reactions with Natural Products

Malika Mirvokhidova


Professor Raju Metherate

Role of Alpha2 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Subunit in the Nicotinic Sharpening of Auditory Receptive Fields

Zeina N. Mousa

Comparative Literature

Professor Mark A. Le Vine
Professor Nasrin Rahimieh

The Racialized Figure of the Terrorist in Contemporary Media

Vishtasb Namiranian

Electrical Engineering

Professor Pai H. Chou


Lydia Natoolo

Biological Sciences

Professor Peter A. Bowler

Developing Safe Drinking Water Sources to Strengthen Health Services in Uganda

Alexa Nazarian

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Michelle Khine

Optimization of an in-vitro Cardiac Organoid Model: Characterizing Volumetric Contractions and Coding Interface for Multi-Imaging Platforms

Michelle N. Nguyen

Earth & Environmental Science

Professor Nancy Burley

Testing Pair Stability in Zebra Finches in Fluid versus Static Social Environments

Thien H. Nguyen

Biological Sciences

Professor Geoffrey W. Abbott

Role of KCNE2 in Pancreatic Function and Insulin Secretion

Yen H. Nguyen

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Jered Haun

Tumor Detection using a Dual Magnetic-Optical Nanoparticle through UV Activation

Krishna Patel

Chemical Engineering/ Chemistry

Professor Nien-Hui Ge

Fabricating and Characterizing Nanostructures for Surface Enhanced Spectroscopy in the Mid-Infrared

Rachana R. Patel

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Jered B. Haun

Herringbone-Chip: Cell-Line Experiments

Hanh M. Pham

Pharmaceutical Science

Professor Mahtab Jafari

Rescue of Alzheimer’s disease in Drosophila melanogaster by cinnamaldehyde

Gabriel Pillitiere

Mechanical Engineering

Professor Daniel Mumm

Test Rig for Impact Simulation of Abradable Coatings in High Temperature Turbine Environments

Emily K. Provenzano

Neurobiology/ Psychology Minor

Professor Raju Metherate

Effect of Nicotine on Temporal Auditory Processing in Mice with Age-Related Hearing Loss

Rochelle K. Radzyminski


Professor Albert Siryaporn

Understanding Structure Dependency and Genetic Determinants in Phage Infection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilm

Marlon Rea

Chemistry/ Biology

Professor David L. Van Vranken

Combating Fungal Resistance: Development of Small Molecule Sensitizers that Enhance the Potency of Azole Drugs against Candida albicans, Candida Glabrata, and Cryptococcus Neoformans

Samuel W. Richesson

Chemical Engineering

Professor Allon Hochbaum

Group IV Nanocrystal Chemistry for Solution Processing of Thermoelectric Materials

Jeremy J. Rico

Earth & Environmental Science

Professor Michael Goulden
Professor Kathleen Johnson

Oxygen and Hydrogen Isotopes as a Biogeochemical Tracer for Analysis of California Coastal Sage Scrub Rooting Structure

Daniel E. Roa


Professor David L. Van Vranken

Total Synthesis of Brazilin and Brazilane

Samuel M. Rodriguez

Biological Sciences

Professor Jonathan R.T. Lakey

In-vivo Analysis of Biocompatibility of Zwitterionic Hydrogel versus Algae-Based Alginate Encapsulation Biomaterial

Alexandra Russo

Psychology & Social Behavior/ Criminology, Law, & Society

Professor Raymond Novaco

Self-Alienation as a Mediator between Sexual/Physical Abuse and Depressive and Anxious Symptomatology

Sabeena Sebastian

Chemical Engineering

Professor Shane Ardo

Spectroelectrochemical Studies of Charging and Discharging Properties of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles for Application in Particle-Based Redox Flow Batteries

Ivan Shu

Biological Sciences

Professor Marcelo A. Wood

Deleting HDAC3 Rescues Long-Term Memory Impairments Induced by Disruption of the nBaf Nucleosome Remodeling Complex

Shashank Somasundaram

Biological Sciences

Professor Bharath Chakravarthy

Prospective Randomized Pilot Trial Measuring the Feasibility and Knowledge Retention of Opioid Education in Emergency Department Patients using a Multimedia Platform

Stephanie M. Soohoo

Biological Sciences

Professor Lan Huang

The Development and Application of New Cross-Linking Mass Spectrometry Strategies to Study Protein-Protein Interactions

Eric J. Spraggins

Criminology, Law & Society/ Psychology and Social Behavior

Professor Brendon J. Butler
Professor Elizabeth F. Loftus

Emotions and Perception: How Mood Can Influence the Processing of Information