Spring 2018 Grant Recipients - (M-S)

Student Name


Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Alexander W. Marks

Mechanical Engineering

Professor John C. Larue

SAE Aero Design West Cargo Plane

Ashley K. Masuda


Professor Steven Cramer

Predicting Post-Stroke Motor Recovery with Neuroimaging

Kevin K. McKinnon

Criminology, Law & Society

Professor Simon Cole

Influencers of Official Misconduct: Pressures Received from Media and Community Attention on Elected Offices of our Judicial System

Hannah M. Medina


Professor Kate RM. Mackey

The Effects of the Thomas Fire on Coastal Phytoplankton

Mayalen Mercado

Biological Sciences

Professor Donald Forthal
Professor Johannes Gach

Antibody Mediated Phagocytosis of HIV-1 by Human Neutrophils

Vivian Mitchell

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Azim Shariff

A Dichotomous Account of Religion and Blame

Tia J. Moore

Biological Sciences

Professor Sunil Gandhi

Finding Stability in an Unstable World: Effect of Virtual Environment Perturbation on Retrosplenial Place Cell Activity

Sarah M. Mousa

Political Science

Professor Mark LeVine

Societal and Institutional Discrimination: The Source of Racial Inequality

Anna Natasha

Earth System Science

Professor Claudia Czimczik

Characterization and Bioavailability of Organic Matter in Permafrost Soils

Hillary Nguyen


Professor Vy M. Dong

Asymmetric Intramolecular Hydroacylation via Dynamic Kinetic Resolution

Annie Nguyen

Political Science/ Psychology and Social Behavior; minor in Asian American Studies

Professor Judy Wu

How Asian American is “Fresh Off the Boat?”

Selene Nguyen

Biological Sciences/ Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Ilhem Messaoudi

Impact of Chronic Alcohol Consumption on Innate Immune Responses

Thu T.M. Nguyen

Chemistry/ Biological Sciences

Professor Gregory A. Weiss

Directed Evolution of a Quinone Synthetase, TdiA, towards a Broader Substrate Profile

Lina Nguyen

Biological Sciences

Professor Henry Hirschberg

Sequential PCI/PDT Enhances the Efficacy of Gene-Directed Enzyme Prodrug Therapy

Lily P. Nguyen

Nursing Science

Professor Sanghyuk Shin

Cloud-Based Diagnostic Reporting System to Improve Drug-Resistant TB Treatment Outcomes in Vietnam

Alma S. Pantoja


Professor Jacobo Sefamí

Pablo Neruda, the Spokesman of Latin American People in Canto General: Political and Social Issues in Latin America

Laura S. Pelayo

Mathematics/ biology

Professor Sunil Gandhi

Deciphering the Interhemispheric Connectivity between Primary Visual Cortex and Higher Visual Areas

Brandon Pizarro

Chemical Engineering

Professor Allon Hochbaum

Quantifying the Effectiveness of Antibiotic Susceptibility on Escherichia coli Biofilms using a Confocal Microscope

Cheyenne E. Read


Professor Ian Coller
Professor Sarah Farmer

City of Lights and Violence: Exposing Sociopolitical Turmoil through Photography

Danica V. Resurreccion

Public Health Sciences

Professor Jennifer A. Prescher
Professor Zachary Reinert

Engineered Luciferases as Sensors for Pathogens

Jessica A. Richards


Professor Molly Lynch

Pre-Professional Training with Hubbard Street Dance Chicago

Laura Robledo

Environmental Science

Professor Katherine RM. Mackey

The Effect of Santa Ana Events on Aerosol Deposition in Southern California

Shawn Alexa C. Rosario

Pharmaceutical Science

Professor Rosa M. Andrade
Professor Rosa M. Andrade

A Novel Chicken Embryo Model to Investigate the Pathogenic Effects of T. gondii Genotypes in the Developing Animal

Julissa Ruiz

Public Health Sciences

Professor Travis E. Huxman

Effects of Soil Microbes on Phacelia parryi Drought Tolerance

Bilal Said

Mechanical Engineering

Professor Jack Brouwer

Solar Car - Composition Subsystem

Xiecheng Shao


Professor An Do

The Design of a Portable Brain-Computer Interface utilizing Micro-Controller

Namrata Singh

Biological Sciences

Professor Jennifer A. Prescher

Understanding the Origins of Selectivity of Orthogonal Luciferase/Luciferin Pairs

Lily K. Sloan


Professor Kenneth J. Shea

Hydrogel Polymer Nanoparticles for Anticancer Drug Delivery

Rachel N. Smith

Cognitive Sciences

Professor Susanne M. Jaeggi

A Language Acquisition Component to the Manipulation of Lexical Features and Sequence Effects in a Meta-Memory Task

Kanika Sophal


Professor Robert Spitale

Interrogating the Mitochondrial Transcriptome in situ with Spatially-Restricted RNA Crosslinking

Gloria Sosa


Professor Leo R. Chavez

DACA Recipients: Out of School and Out of Status