Spring 1997 Grant Recipients - (A-F)

Student Name Major Project Title Funds Awarded
Adamson, Maheen Biological Sciences/Women's Studies Evoked Potential Studies of Learning-Induced Tuning Plasticity in Auditory Cortex of the Rat $500.00
Aynechi, Tiba Physics Single Channel Studies of Lens Gap Junction Precursors $750.00
Bockoff, Rachel Drama Comparative Medium Study for Theatrical Design $500.00
Boleda, A., Williams, K. & Dilbeck, D. Mechanical Engineering Permeable Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell, Senior Design Project $750.00
Brusby, Melanie Psychology Representation of Number in Adults, Preschoolers, and Infants $375.00
Cao, Alyssa Biological Sciences CO2 Laser Tooth Whitening $300.00
Cheah, U-Tee Electrical & Computer Engineering Dynamically Reconfigurable Memory Array (DRMA) $500.00
Chiem, Alan Applied Ecology Community Structure of Gene Homology in arsC in Arsenic Resistance $300.00
Choi, Samuel Biological Sciences Micro Leakage in Dental Restorations After Drill and Laser Preparation $300.00
Chun, Jadelyn Biological Sciences/Chemistry Dendritic Macromolecules for Light-Energy Conversion $100.00
Cross, Cindy Biological Sciences 1997 National Model United Nations Conference $400.00
Dao, Thanh-Nhan Biological Sciences Sex Allocation Patterns in Two Sexually Dimorphic Species: S. adamantis & S. salicania $400.00
Dawson, Steve Physics The Star Formation History of the Large Magellanic Cloud $750.00
Dong, Vy Chemistry Investigation of the Stereoselectivity of the Fethered Biginelli Reaction $500.00
DuClos, Alisa Psychology The Effects of Williams Syndrome on Language and Cognition Honorary
Eberlin, Richard Psychology Spatial Cognition: Visual Problem Solving Honorary
Estrada, Martin History Military Role in Guatemala's Domestic Transition $400.00
Fuller, Lori Criminology, Law & Society Emergence of an Urban Gang: Anchorage, Alaska $250.00