Spring 1997 Grant Recipients - (G-L)

Student Name Major Project Title Funds Awarded
Hanson, Donna Psychology Infants' Expectations of Solid and Nonsolid Substances $375.00
Hanson, Robert Film Studies Market Day $400.00
Helmy, M. & Ma, J. Biological Sciences Effects of D1 and D2 Receptor Selective Antagonists on Self-Administration of the D1 Agonist SKF 82958 $749.00
Hodjat, Nina (Nafiseh) Psychology Preschooler's Judgements of Relative Quantity $375.00
Karlin, Dennis Environmental Anaysis & Design The Role of Temporal Orientation in Coping with Trauma $400.00
Khin, Kay Biological Sciences/Chemistry Metal-Based Supramolecular Systems for Light-Harvesting $400.00
King, Ellen Drama Theatrical Rendering Research $500.00
Knoski, S. & Varghese, R. Biological Sciences Learning Abilities Associated with Self-Administration of (+)-PHNO and SKF82958 $200.00
Lee, Yuan-Chin Biological Sciences The Effects of Cytokine Conditioned Media on Response of Human Breast Cancer Cell Lines to Retinoic Acid $750.00
Lizaso, Normia Political Science Effects of Military Service on French National Identity in the Third Republic $100.00