Spring 1998 Grant Recipients - (G-L)


Student Name


Faculty Mentor

Project Title

Adrianna Gonzales
English & Political Science
Professor Claire Kim
The Mothers of East Los Angeles-St. Isabel
Karina Gonzales
Drama & Political Science
Professor Cliff Faulkner
Theater of Color
Ranjit Iyer
Information & Computer Science
Professor Wei K. Tsai
Max-Min Joint QOS Routing Protocol
Rayhan Jalal
Biological Sciences
Professor Matthew Brenner
Non-Invasive Pulmonary Tissue Volume and Blood Flow Measurements to Determine Optimal LVRS Techniques in a Rabbit Model of Emphysema
Brian Keefer
Biological Sciences
Professor Bradford Hawkins
Evolution of Encapsulation Rate in D. melanogaster
Jason Lam
Criminology, Law & Society
Professor Henry N. Pontell
The Role of Fraud in the Asian Financial Crises
Chris Lancaster
Professor Bernard Gilmore
Modern Primitives
Arlene Lozano
Sociology & International Studies
Professor Allison Brysk
The Aftermath of Civil War in El Salvador: Gender Role of Women Combat Soldiers During Transition Period