Spring 1999 Grant Recipients - (A-F)


Student Name

Faculty Mentor
Project Title
Mohammad Ashori Biological Sciences Professor Ralph E. Purdy Simulated Microgravity-Induced Vascular Hyporesponsiveness: Role of a 1 Receptor Uncoupling from Second Messenger Pathways
Scott Avecilla Biological Sciences Professor Barbara A. Hamkalo Bacterial Gene Modulation with DNA binding Ligands via an Antigene Mechanism: A New Approach to Developing Designer Antibiotics
Douglas Cary Applied Ecology Professor Ann K. Sakai & Professor Stephen G. Weller Floral Fragrance Analysis of Schiedea and Alsinidendron
Fabio Chee Spanish Professor Alejandro Morales The Price of Crossing Lines: Illegal Immigrants and Their Confrontations with Coyotes, the Border Patrol, and Hate Organizations
Heather Clayton Environmental Analysis & Design Professor Betty Olson Parasitic Protozoa Contamination of San Diego Creek, Irvine, California by Cliff Swallow Population
German "Alex" Cortez Biological Sciences & Chemistry Professor Larry E. Overman Investigations of Prins-pinacol Reaction and Synthesis of Cuprenenol
Deborah Cuevas English Professor Alyson Brysk Human Rights Abuses Executed by Mexican Authorities: Its Causes and Effects
Quang Dao Psychology & Biological Sciences Professor Virginia Mann Bimodal Speech Processing in Speakers of Chinese
Xavier Dao Biological Sciences Professor Brian J. F. Wong Heat Capacity Changes During Laser Irradiation
Theresa Dinise Biological Sciences Professor Elizabeth Head The Correlation Between Epilepsy and b -Amyloid Plaque Formation
Duy Duong Biological Sciences Professor Arthur D. Lander Molecular Interactions of Glypican-1, a Cell-Surface Heparan Sulfate Proteoglycan
Jeffrey Ehmsen Biological Sciences & Chemistry Professor Robert Moyzis Characterization of a Muscle-Specific Protein and its Potential Role in FSHD
Julienne Escamilla Biological Sciences Professor Moyra Smith Analysis of Gene Defects Which Can Lead to Ethylmalonic Acidura
Tamer Fathy Biological Sciences Professor Ralph E. Purdy Simulated Microgravity Causes Vascular Hyporesponsiveness to Norephinephrine: Role of EDHF
Laura Frazer Psychology Professor Gregory Hickok Dissociating Phonological and Semantic Processes: An Investigation of the Left Prefrontal Cortex