Spring 1999 Grant Recipients - (G-L)


Student Name


Faculty Mentor

Project Title

Carmen Garcia Political Science & English Professor Caesar Sereseres National Latino Advocacy Groups: The Politics Behind the Under-Representation of Hispanic Americans in Higher Education
Thillen Gee Biological Sciences Professor Ann K. Sakai & Professor Stephen G. Weller Genetics of Male Sterility in Schiedea menziesii
Saif Ghole Biological Sciences Professor Luis P. Villarreal Generation and Evaluation of a Recombinant Mouse Polyoma Virus
Philip Gruber Physics Professor Ken Shea Synthesis of Highly Oxygenated Macrocycles via a Tandem Diels-Alder Reaction
Huai-En Leah Huang Biological Science Professor Zhongping Chen Determination of Burn Depth by Polarization Sensitive Optical Coherence Tomography
Han Kang Biological Sciences Professor Hung Y. Fan The Role of Viral Envelope Proteins on SIV Infection of the Primary Langerhaus Cells from Rhesus Macaque Monkeys
Rebecca Kanter Political Science Professor Wayne Sandholtz Article 235 of the Treaty of Rome: The Court, the Council, and European Integration
Peter Krutzik Biological Sciences & Chemistry Professor A. Richard Chamberlain Synthesis of DNA-binding Compounds - Gene Modulators
Chris Lancaster Music Professor Keith Fowler Parsifal 2000
Meadow Leys Dance Professor Donald McKayle Questing for the Voice of this Land
Shahrdad Lotfipour Biological Sciences & Drama Professor Keith Fowler Pediatric Oncology in Combination with Performing Arts