Spring 1999 Grant Recipients - (M-S)


Student Name


Faculty Mentor

Project Title

Karen Malbon Political Science & History Professor Kristen Renwick Monroe Genocide and the Media: A Study of How Foreign Policy Towards Victims of Genocide is Shaped
Sean McDermott Chemical Engineering Professor Nancy A. DaSilva Development and Characterization of Stable Expression Vectors in Kluyveromyces lactis
Hao (Kevin) Mee Chemistry Professor James Nowick Chemical Models of Protein b -Sheet Interactions
Tommy Ngo Sociology Professor Feng Wang Religion in Society: Sacred Institution or Social Creation
Uzma Noamani Chemistry Professor Petra-Wilder Smith Mechanisms of ALA-Flourescence in Malignant Tissues
Bonnie Pau Biological Sciences Professor Susan Bryant PCR-Based Subtractice cDNA Cloning of Differentially Expressed Axolotl Genes in Regeneration
Julio Perez Sociology & Political Science Professor Caesar Sereseres Nar-Corridos
Gina Rappleye Psychology Professor Virginia Mann Working Memory and its Effect on Reading Ability in Adulthood
Ali Razmara Biological Sciences & Chemistry Professor Douglas Tobias Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Barnase
Jennifer Rogers Sociology Professor Sue Freeman The Changing Definition of Sexual Harassment Throughout a College Student's Freshman Year
Sambhav Sachdev Computer Engineering Professor Isaac D. Scherson Resource Management in Distributed Computing Systems
Sheela Shah Psychology Professor Virginia Mann Home Literacy, Interest, and Teaching Methods as Predictors of Reading Ability
Farah Shamszadeh Biological Sciences & Anthropology Professor Hans R. Bode Responses of Hydra to Temperature Gradients
Radhika Sood Biological Sciences Professor Sibylle Reinsch Traditional Medicine Use Among Recent Immigrants from India Residing in Southern California
Margo Suggs Biological Sciences Professor Franz Hoffmann The Shoot Signal in Legume Nitrogen Fixation
Sanjay Swamidass Biological Sciences & Economics Professor George Gutman Codon Pair Bias and Protein Structure in E. coli