UROP-PUF Awards Spring 1998

Congratulations to the following students for receiving a UROP-PUF Fellowship in support of their faculty-mentored research projects.

Student Name


Faculty Mentor

Project Title

Simin Bahrami
Biological Sciences & Philosophy
Professor Carl Cotman
The Role of Presenilin 1 and Its Proteolytic Fragments in Apoptosis
William Cho
Chemistry & Biological Sciences
Professor Patrick J. Farmer
Mechanistic Study of O-atom Transfer in Nitrite Reduction
Yoojin Choi
Biological Sciences
Professor Michael Leon
Spatial Coding of Odorant Stereochemistry and Odorant Mixtures in the Glomerular Layer of the Rat Olfactory Bulb
Heather Clark
Political Science
Professor Ray Novaco & Professor James Danziger
The Unintended Consequences of Public Policy: Violence Against Women Act 1994
Steven Cody
Information & Computer Science
Professor Patrick Smyth
Video Classification Based on Static Image Relationships within the Stream
Michael Cohen
Professor Patrick J. Farmer
Synthesis of Modified Heme Protein Cofactors
Justin Davidson
Professor Myrona Delaney-Herrick
The Fantasticks
Sebrina Friedman
Social Science
Professor Samuel Gilmore
The Study of Gospel Music as a Cultural Art Form
Adrianna Gonzales
English & Political Science
Professor Claire Kim
The Mothers of East Los Angeles-St. Isabel
Karina Gonzales
Drama & Political Science
Professor Cliff Faulkner
Theater of Color
Ranjit Iyer
Information & Computer Science
Professor Wei K. Tsai
Max-Min Joint QOS Routing Protocol
Rayhan Jalal
Biological Sciences
Professor Matthew Brenner
Non-Invasive Pulmonary Tissue Volume and Blood Flow Measurements to Determine Optimal LVRS Techniques in a Rabbit Model of Emphysema
Brian Keefer
Biological Sciences
Professor Bradford Hawkins
Evolution of Encapsulation Rate in D. melanogaster
Jason Lam
Criminology, Law & Society
Professor Henry N. Pontell
The Role of Fraud in the Asian Financial Crises
Chris Lancaster
Professor Bernard Gilmore
Modern Primitives
Arlene Lozano
Sociology & International Studies
Professor Allison Brysk
The Aftermath of Civil War in El Salvador: Gender Role of Women Combat Soldiers During Transition Period
Reyna Paniagua
Chemical Engineering
Professor Enrique J. Lavernia
A Research into Novel Alloy Compositions for Aerospace Applications
Mei Mei Peng
Political Science
Professor Mark P. Petracca
ICT's (Information and Communications Technologies) and Local Government
Jan Romero
Professor Keith Woerpel
Nucleophilic Addition to the Pyran Ring
Rose Siengsubcharti
Applied Ecology
Professor Daniel B. Menzel
Transcription Factor Activation by Arsenite in Human Skin Cells
Chien-Pin Sun
Biological Sciences
Professor John C. Chen
Mechanism of Complement Activation in an In Vitro Ventricular Assist Device
Dung Thai
Biological Sciences
Professor Ann Sakai & Professor Stephen Weller
Inbreeding Depression in Alsinidendron viscosum
David To
Biological Sciences
Professor Ann Sakai & Professor Stephen Weller
Effects of Pollination Intensity on the Resource Allocation Patterns of Schiedea salicaria
Jason Tom
Biological Sciences
Professor Ann Sakai & Professor Stephen Weller
Interaction Between Life History and Resource Allocation in Alsinidendron viscosum
Thea Vandervoort Dance-Performance Professor Nancy Lee Ruyter The Early California Dances of Santa Barbara
Tracy Tsu-Ya Wang Biological Sciences Professor Suzanne Sandmeyer Identification of Cellular Proteins Interacting with the Yeast Retrovirus-Like Element Ty3 Integrase Protein by Two Hybrid Analysis
Jenny (Hyun-Chung) Yoon Chemistry & Biological Sciences Professor Nancy M. Doherty 4, 5-Di-p-Arylamino-1, 2-benzoquinones as New Ligands for Transition Metal Chemistry
Zachary Zwald Political Science Professor Etel Solingen UNSCOM: Successes, Failures, and Future Applicability

Group Projects

Dien Ton
Anne Walling
Biological Sciences
Biological Sciences
Professor Martin A. Smith
Requirement of Non-neuronal Feeder Cells for Normal Development Cultured Primary Somatosensory Neurons
Jennie Baek
Geoffrey Going
Drama & Psychology & Social Behavior
Professor Cliff Faulkner
American Laboratory for Actor Training
Linh Nguy
Young Yoon
Biological Sciences
Professor Petra Wilder-Smith
Non-Invasive, Early Detection of Malignant Changes in the Oral Cavity
Jason Ly
Thuy Tran
Professor Curt Sandman
Menstrual Beta-Endorphin Levels in Individuals with Mental Retardation