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I-SURF Fellows are expected to adhere to specific research and general conduct rules.

In 2017, the I-SURF program welcomed 32 undergraduates from five universities—Ajou University, Hanyang University, Kookmin University, Seoul Women's University and Sogang University—in South Korea to UC Irvine. They worked in teams of one to four students, conducting Computer Science research under the guidance of UCI faculty mentors.

Click here to see the program from the 2017 I-SURF Symposium.


Faculty Mentors

Project Teams

Project Title: FPGA-based Acceleration in Clouds

Faculty Mentor
Elaheh (Eli) Bozorgzadeh
Computer Science


Seongmin Jeong


Dongah Kim


Project Title: Networked Cooperative Embedded Systems



Sung Hyuk Kay


Seung Soo Lee



Project Title: Sentinel System Infrastructure

Faculty Mentor
Brian C. Demsky
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science


HyeongTag Chi


Bowon Ko


Project Title: Smart Home Benchmark Applications



Dohyun Kim


Janghoi Koo



Project Title: Benchmarking a Many-Core Platform

Faculty Mentor
Nikil D. Dutt
Computer Science

Kihoon Han


Sehee Jeong


Kyu Han Lee


Project Title: Edge/Fog Computing Service Development for Data Analytics in Healthcare Internet-of-Things Systems



Kyungjun Cha


Daehyun Park


Project Title: Evaluating Machine Learning (ML) Algorithms on an Embedded Platform for Online Learning



Keunpil Kim


Kihyeon Park


Project Title: Optimization of Runtime Systems for Parallel Applications on Mobile Devices



Daewhan Kim


Inyeop Song



Project Title: Detection of Questions and Commands in Text

Faculty Mentor
Ian G. Harris
Computer Science


Myeong Soo Kim

Eun Namkung


Yeeji Kwon

Chang Heon Song



Project Title: Accelerating Convolutional Networks using FPGAs

Faculty Mentor
Alexandru Nicolau
Computer Science

Jin Heo


Hyun Jun Kim


Taeho Kim


Project Title: Creating Smart Embedded Systems


Hye Lee Kim



Project Title: Collaborative Tool for Crowdsourcing Software Design

Faculty Mentor
Adriaan (Andre) W. van der Hoek


Sanghun Kim

Dae Gweon Ko


Seung Sup Kim

Juhyeok Seong



Project Title: Extracting Useful Information from Micro-CT Scans of Fibrous Materials

Faculty Mentor
Shuang Zhao
Computer Science

Hyeryong Choi


Heesang Jin


Hyeji Kim



For more information, please contact:

Said M. Shokair, Director
International Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (I-SURF)
Student Services II, Suite 2100
Phone: 824-4189 e-mail: urop@uci.edu

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