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I-SURF Fellows are expected to adhere to specific research and general conduct rules.

In 2018, the I-SURF program welcomed 43 undergraduates from nine universities—Ajou University, Chung-Ang University, Dankook University, Hanyang University, Kookmin University, Kyung Hee University, Seoul Women's University, Sogang University and Sungkyunkwan University—in South Korea to UC Irvine. They worked in teams of one to five students, conducting Computer Science research under the guidance of UCI faculty mentors.

Click here to see the program from the 2018 I-SURF Symposium.


Faculty Mentors

Project Teams

Project Title: FPGA-Based Acceleration in Clouds

Faculty Mentor
Elaheh (Eli) Bozorgzadeh
Computer Science


Yoonsung Kim

Jisoo Seo


Project Title: Simulation of Cooperative Multi-Robot Localization


Eun Ji Jun

Sangjun Park



Project Title: Efficient Software Infrastructure for Non-Uniform Memory Machines

Faculty Mentor
Anton Burtsev
Computer Science

Minjun Cha

Jiwon Jeon

Yealynn Kim

Jeonghoon Lee



Project Title: Development of C programs for Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) Accelerators

Faculty Mentor
Nikil Dutt
Computer Science


Ji Young An

Sujin Kang


Project Title: Edge Computing Service Development for Data Analytics in Healthcare Internet-of-Things Systems for Pain Assessment with Wearable Electronics


Sunwoo Kwon

Gwangjin Wi


Project Title: Evaluation of Resource Management Techniques on Concurrent CPU Workloads and Neural Network GPU Applications on NVIDIA Jetson TX2 Board


Jinbae Park


Project Title: GSR-Based Ubiquitous Stress Monitoring using Shimmer’s Device


Hyeonggeun Eom

Yejin Jin

Hyeongwoo Kim


Project Title: Healthcare IoT System


Chan Cheong

Jinwoo Hwang


Project Title: Resource Management for Quantized Neural Network on Heterogeneous Mobile Platform


Seong Young Kang

Junghyun Park



Project Title: Automatic Scam Detection using Natural Language Processing

Faculty Mentor
Ian Harris
Computer Science


Ji-eun Kim

Yoon Jo Kim

Joonwoo Myung


Project Title: Designing Cyber-Physical Systems from Specifications using Natural Language Processing


Seung Woo Jeong

Jinhwa Kim



Project Title: Improving Texera Frontend for Powerful IoT Data Analytics

Faculty Mentor
Chen Li
Computer Science


Gaeul Go

Chaeeun Kim

Eunah Lee



Project Title: Development of Educational Tools for Teaching the Building Blocks of Biologically Inspired Machine Learning and Processing

Faculty Mentor
Emre Neftci
Cognitive Sciences


Sukhwan Kim



Project Title: Accelerating Graph Algorithms on Heterogeneous Platforms

Faculty Mentor
Alexandru Nicolau
Computer Science

Faculty Mentor
Alexander Veidenbaum
Computer Science


Sooyoung Baek

Seon Kyu Kim

Young Jae Kim


Project Title: Reducing Cache Misses Caused by Context-Switch and Process Migration by Non-Access Triggered Prefetch Control


Mingu Kang

Taeklim Kim

Sangwook Lee



Project Title: New Uses of Client-Side Remote Attestation

Faculty Mentor
Gene Tsudik
Computer Science


In hee Lee


Project Title: Security and Privacy in Information-Centric Networking using Trusted Hardware


Geonhee Cho



Project Title: Exploring the Possibilities of Software Engineering Chatbots

Faculty Mentor
Adriaan (Andre) W. van der Hoek

Kahye Ahn

Jae Eun Choi

Chae Yeon Han

Myeong Soo Kim

Seung Eon Lee


Project Title: Efficient Data Visualization using WebGL

Faculty Mentor
Shuang Zhao
Computer Science


Yoojeong Lee


For more information, please contact:

Said M. Shokair, Director
International Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (I-SURF)
Student Services II, Suite 2100
Phone: 824-4189 e-mail: urop@uci.edu

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