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ID-SURE Awards - 2010

Congratulations to the following students for receiving a Inter-Disciplinary Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (ID-SURE) Fellowship in support of their faculty-mentored research projects and creative activities.

Student Name


Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Stephanie Aguilar Chemistry Professor Shiou-Chuan Tsai Structural Characterization and Mutagenesis of StfQ
Bianca Y. Barrios Social Science, Psychology and Social Behavior Professor Jeanett Castellanos Latina Undergraduates Perceptions of Microaggressors, Coping and Well-Being
John W. Burke Genetics Professor J. L. Marsh The Basis Of Differential Toxicity Among Poly Glutamine Disease Proteins
Vickie Cheng Chemistry Professor Shiou-Chuan Tsai Elucidating the role of HedE in the Biosynthesis of the Hedamycin Aromatic Core
Vanessa C. Fong Biological Sciences Professor Jogeshwar Mukherjee Imaging Serotonin Receptors
Diana G. Glovaci Biological Sciences Professor Nathan Wong Persistent Undertreatment of Cardiovascular Risk Factors Among Persons with Type 2 Diabetes across Insulin Use in the United States NHANES 2003-2006
Michael T. Hoang Biological Sciences Professor Petra Wilder-Smith Ex Vivo Oral Wetness
Irvin Huang Biomedical Engineering Professor Catherine Loudon A Green Approach to Insect Pest Control Efforts: the Effects of Sticky Surfaces on Bedbug Locomotion
Liliya Kolozian Biological Sciences Professor Shiou-Chuan Tsai Crystallizing LovB: KS-AT Domain of Lovastatin
John Leong Biological Sciences Professor Shiou-Chuan Tsai Determination of Structure and Function of EqiS TR, a Enzymatic Domain of Equisetin Synthase
Sarah D. Mortero Neurobiology Professor Steven C. Cramer Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) Val66Met Polymorphism Effects on Cognitive and Motor Skill
Jodi L. Nelson Biological Sciences Professor Yi Hong Zhou The Angiogenesis Suppressing Properties of the Extracellular Protein EFEMP1
Oscar F. Rojas Perez Sociology, Chicano/Latino Studies Professor Jeanett Castellanos Latino Male Undergraduates Coping Strategies and Well-Being A Psychosociocultural Approach
Hannah L. Said Biological Sciences Professor Nosratola D. Vaziri Effect of Nrf-2 Activation on Oxidative Stress, Inflammation and Progression in Chronic Kidney Disease
Aishwarya Sridharan Biological Sciences Professor Anshu Agrawal Impact of Age-Associated Decline in Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Function on Anti-viral Immune Responses
Nduka K. Unaka Public Health Sciences Professor Rufus Edwards Transcending Small-Scale Industries in Mexico: The Co-benefits of Controlling Global Warming and Aerosol Toxicity
Brandon G. Wong Biomedical Engineering Professor Elliot Hui Microfabricated in vitro Culture Environment for Explanted Colon Crypts
Joseph M. Youssef Biological Sciences Professor Petra Wilder-Smith Pulp Vitality with Laser Speckle Imaging

Number of Proposals Submitted = 18
Number of Fellowships Awarded = 17
Number of Honorary Fellowships = 1

Total Funds Requested = $40,100
Total Funds Awarded = $30,600

For more information, please contact:

Said M. Shokair, Director
Inter-Disciplinary Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (ID-SURE)
Student Services II, Suite 2300
Phone: 824-4189 e-mail:

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