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[IMG]IM-SURE Faculty Mentor Demonstrating State of the Art Instruments.JPG13-Feb-2014 05:16 55K 
[IMG]IM-SURE Fellow Making a Device.JPG13-Feb-2014 05:16 66K 
[IMG]IM-SURE Fellow Showing a CD Microfluidic Device.JPG13-Feb-2014 05:16 48K 
[IMG]IM-SURE Fellow and His Faculty Mentor Enjoy Sailing.jpg13-Feb-2014 05:16 60K 
[IMG]IM-SURE Fellows Collaborate With a Graduate Student.JPG13-Feb-2014 05:16 53K 
[IMG]IM-SURE Fellows Collaborating.jpg13-Feb-2014 05:16 63K 
[IMG]IM-SURE Fellows Enjoying a Sailing Trip.JPG13-Feb-2014 05:16 55K 
[IMG]IM-SURE Fellows Luncheon.JPG13-Feb-2014 05:16 55K 
[IMG]IM-SURE Managing Director Guiding the Group.JPG13-Feb-2014 05:16 60K 
[IMG]IMSURE Fellows Group Picture.JPG13-Feb-2014 05:16 63K