The IM-SURE Program will not be offered in Summer 2013. Please check back for future programs and announcements.

Eligibility Requirements

Highly motivated and high-achieving science and engineering majors with a strong drive to pursue research and careers in the fields of biomedical, physical, and engineering micro/nano-sciences
Non-graduating undergraduates from universities or community colleges, with Junior or Senior standing obtained by the start of the IM-SURE program
Attending a four-year university after the conclusion of the program 
United States citizens or permanent residents

Able to show proof of valid health insurance for the duration of the program 

Applicants are not required to have prior research experience. 

This program is committed to promoting diversity within the fields of science and engineering. Women, underrepresented minorities, and individuals from economically and socially disadvantaged backgrounds are especially encouraged to apply. 

Application Process 

Submit the IM-SURE application online. The application guides you through completing a personal profile, uploading a personal statement, selecting and ranking the projects you are most interested in, and registering individuals who will be submitting letters of recommendation on your behalf. After submitting your online application, you are required to forward additional documents in support of your application, including transcripts, verification of your U.S. citizenship or permanent residency, and proof of health insurance. Individuals providing letters of recommendation on your behalf have the option of submitting these letters online or by mail.  For applicants to be considered for the IM-SURE program, each of the following requirements must be submitted by the deadlines listed above.  Supplement Documents can be mailed to the IM-SURE Program Address.

Application Deadlines and Dates

Please note that there are two key deadlines for you to be aware of. The Application Deadline is the date by which your application and personal statement must be submitted online. The Supplemental Document Deadline is the date by which all supporting documents (letters of recommendation, transcripts, proof of U.S. citizenship or residency and proof of health insurance) must be received. Because supplemental documents may be submitted in hard copy, it is important that you allow enough time for mailing. 

Use the checklist below to ensure you have completed all the necessary requirements by the appropriate deadlines. You may click on each of the requirements for additional tips and guidelines.

Application Deadline: -

Application (to be submitted online)

Personal Statement (to be submitted online)

Supplemental Document Deadline: - 

Two letters of recommendation (to be submitted online or mailed by recommenders)

Current, official transcript, including grades from prior year’s fall term (to be mailed)

Official transcripts from any prior colleges or universities (to be mailed)

Proof of U.S citizenship or permanent residency (to be mailed)

Proof of valid health insurance (to be mailed)
Participant Notifications: Notifications will begin in early April and be conducted throughout the month. 

Application Deadlines:
Application Deadline: TBD.

Supplemental Document Deadline:  -
IM-SURE Application Form
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