2019 Call for Papers

Welcome to the Paper Submission Page for the 2019 UCI Undergraduate Research Journal!

We are proud to announce the Call for Papers for Volume XXII of the UCI Undergraduate Research Journal. Undergraduate students who wish to submit a paper outlining the process and results of their faculty-mentored research or scholarly/creative activity for possible publication in The UCI Undergraduate Research Journal must complete the Paper Submission Form no later than Monday, July 1, 2019.

For formatting requirements and other details on how to prepare a paper for submission, please review the Paper Submission Guidelines.

To be eligible for the Journal, student authors must have either completed their projects as UCI undergraduate students or under a UCI faculty mentor.

Please use a single submission, whether it is for an individual or group project.

Here is an outline of the information requested on the form:
  • Submitters enter the number of student authors and faculty mentors associated with their project and paper. Submitters also provide information on themselves, their mentor(s), and other undergraduate authors, if applicable. Student authors upload a file (one for each student author) with biographical information. A high-resolution headshot photograph is also requested for each undergraduate author.

  • Student authors upload/attach an electronic version of their paper/manuscript, along with any other necessary illustrations, graphs, and other scanned images. They indicate whether their paper has been reviewed and approved by their faculty mentor(s).

  • Finally, submitters enter the details of their paper, including the project/paper title, its area of research, whether it has been published or presented before, and if the appropriate research conduct approvals have been obtained.

An e-mail confirmation is sent to the student author(s) and faculty mentor(s) once the completed submission has been received. This confirmation includes a code that allows them to access and update the submission. The e-mail also includes a Web site link with the code embedded for easy access to the submission. All edits must be completed by the deadline for submission, Monday, July 1, 2019.

To begin your submission process, click here for the
Paper Submission Form

  Volume XXII -- Call for Papers
  Deadline: Monday, July 1, 2019

UCI undergraduate students—and undergraduates working under a UCI faculty mentor—who have completed a faculty-mentored research or creative project between the Spring Quarter of 2018 and Summer 2019 are eligible to submit work for publication in the 2019 UCI Undergraduate Research Journal. Your faculty mentor’s approval of the manuscript is required prior to submission. After submission, the UROP Student Editorial Board, composed of undergraduates from all disciplines, provides an initial review of the papers. Guided by this review, the UROP Faculty Advisory Board selects the papers to be published in the Journal.

Regardless of the field of study, all papers published in the Journal have these items in common:
  • The purpose and significance of the research is described clearly for the Journal's multidisciplinary audience.
  • The research project was well designed and executed.
  • The results are thoughtfully interpreted and thoroughly analyzed.
  • The paper is well written, efficiently organized, logically convincing, grammatically correct, and easy to follow.
  • Supporting materials (illustrations, graphs, references, etc.) reinforce the descriptions and claims made in the text.

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